Jigsaw ​vs Sabre Saw: Which is Best One?


The woodworking sector is dominated by thousands of woodworking instruments and keeps it working— saws, nails, nailers, hammers, varnish finishes, drills and anything else. Each one of them further categorized into subcategories, making selecting the right and perfect tool for his workshop even more complicated for a novice woodworker.

Well, we’re going to expand our debate today on the two fundamental as well as very identical saws that sabre saw and the jigsaw. So let’s go ahead and discuss Jigsaw ​vs Sabre Saw briefly.

Jigsaw ​vs Sabre Saw: How to distinguish between the two power saws that are almost similar

What is a JigSaw

Basically, a jigsaw is a very versatile power tool, consisting of an electric motor unit and a reciprocating saw. It is used for cutting bevels as well as for cutting miters. Depending on the strength of the engine, a jigsaw can create 500 to over 3000 strokes per minute (SPM). Jigsaws can also create both straight and curved cuts with a variety of accuracy through a variety of materials.

What is a Sabre Saw

A sabre saw is a handheld saw, also known as the reciprocating saw. It is basically used for cutting through wood and other soft materials with a toothed blade. Many other names, apart from “saber saw” in particular, usually know the sabre saw. The sabre saw is unpowered mechanism is the handle together with a grip and interchangeable blades. It is used mainly for working on metal as well as building regions where it is not possible to adjust obstacles to the frame of the handheld device holding the blade.

Jigsaw ​vs Sabre Saw: What is the real difference?

Well, both sabre saw, as well as the jigsaw, refer to an almost comparable or identical instrument named differently in distinct nations and areas. So, why even two names came up? Well, this can be replied only by the history of the instrument, tracked back to the 1800s. When two instruments came into being in two distinct areas almost in the same century, they were named differently although they referred to the same instrument.

This name differentiation remains later with some additional distinguishing characteristics. A sabre saw as well as a Jigsaw are basically handheld, electric saws with slender blades used to cut through scrolls as well as other strange and non-linear stocks. And some smartly competing businesses have raised the confusion even more by implementing a new word’ Sabre Jigsaw.’

The Jigsaws are derived from an ever-modified, updated version of an instrument that was used primarily for scrolling, i.e. for cutting scrolls or non-linear inventory. These instruments have also been referred to as scroll saws, these instruments are nowadays referred to as the “scroll saws” originating from the scrolling assignment.

Well, it occurred that a Swiss firm produced a portable and handheld version of the original “scroll, saw” in the early 1940s. Well, this instrument was named the Lest jigsaw in the first place. Then the legacy of the compatible framework and the tool’s convenient style became popular and used globally and became known as “Jigsaw.”

As the basic jigsaw or tool initially called the sabre jigsaw passed decades, it was modified and new, larger and thicker blades could be attached to the saw under one such modification. These blades were intended to cut through steel as such and were called the “saber blade.”

And then it occurred that the fundamental design of the sabre jigsaw with large and dense handles went to be known as the “saber saw.” As discussed above, Saber saw varies from a jigsaw with regard to the handle, along with the usage strategy described above. A sabre saw has no sole plate in a jigsaw that considerably reduces its controllability.

Uses for each: Jigsaw ​vs Sabre Saw


  • Jigsaw can cut curves into the wood, is the only portable instrument that can cut curves on wood efficiently and very quickly, and is a must in any woodworker toolbox.
  • Jigsaws are intended not only for cutting wood, but also for cutting through steel, fiberglass, and drywall. It is the woodworker’s workshop’s precious asset.
  • Jigsaws can also make bevel cuts and can be angled up to 45 degrees to make bevel cuts, so you don’t have to install a table saw to do that.
  • Jigsaws are used at such parties to create the Best Pumpkin Carvers for a change.

Sabre Saw

  • Well, sabre saws are used for beginners in a multitude of woodworking activities. In order to make an indentation on walls, as during remodeling it is necessary to create indentations on walls for cabling especially when indentation needs to be done in those strange and cringe areas.
  • Sabre saws are used to cut through tough nails and pins where it is not feasible to pull them out. Saber sawing enables the woodworker to cut off the nails ‘ heads merely.
  • Used in these narrow and awkward areas to fit windows.
  • Cutting down a branch blocking sunlight or getting in the manner of your garage can be readily cut off with a sabre saw, rather than using the axis in particular.
  • You can even cut through PVC tubes in order to alter PVC piping as no other saw can reach the areas where PVC tubes need to be installed.

Final Verdict

The material with which you will work and which is a balanced comparison of the type of finish or cut you need is the required thing to keep in mind before you purchase any saw. Well, nowadays it is actually necessary to make a decision between a sabre saw and a jigsaw, because the idea of a sabre saw has become outdated. Most of the products on the market are the jigsaws, although they have the characteristics of a sabre saw with heavy and large blades and portability.

Sabre saws are also called the predecessor of the reciprocating modern-day saw, and no company is actually producing sabre saw to the best knowledge of any market expert. The few fundamental factors to maintain in mind before buying any of the saws are the engine, the ergonomics (treatment security) of the blade material and the durability as well as the saw brand. Safety is another significant problem when using a saw, whether it is the Saber saw or perhaps the Jigsaw; before proceeding safely, the inventory should be placed closely and in straight lines.

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