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The Jaybird Vista packs superior audio technology into a compact device that fits snugly in the ear. It comes with a streamlined design, free of any unnecessary details. It uses the latest in Bluetooth technology, guaranteeing seamless pairing of your favorite devices. All of these are modest innovations by today’s standards. But it is in the actual delivery of the goods where Jaybird bests even well-established brands.

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the Vista guarantees seamless connectivity with music playing devices like smartphones and tablets. The same technology ensures clear and crisp phone calls. There are no choppy lines and dropped calls to worry about; unless, it is your phone’s signal that is at fault.

True to the vision of Jaybird engineers, the Vista delivers remarkable weatherproofing. It is resistant to both water and sweat. It does not matter if you are going to use the Vista during a downpour or as workout headphones during an intense workout in the gym. You can always rely on it to stay functional.

This wireless earphone also integrates a device tracking technology. Never worry about losing your earphones again as you can locate these earbuds with relative ease. The tips and fins of the earbuds are also interchangeable. It allows you to match the style of the Vista with your mood.

The only gripe most people have about this Jaybird creation is its mediocre battery life. It only delivers 6 hours of continuous music listening experience. Other systems can double this battery life. Nevertheless, Jaybird compensates by offering a quick charging mechanism, allowing you to enjoy a full hour of music entertainment after only 5 minutes of charging.

The Jaybird Vista is not the best wireless earphone on the market. However, it surely offers a few innovations to get you interested in putting this in your ears.



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