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Types of Wrenches and their Uses

Types of Wrenches and their Uses

As basic of an appliance as a wrench might seem, there are various kinds that are meant to be applied to particular projects. A wrench increases and spreads torque to rotate by either tightening or loosening bolts or nuts. This handy device gives a strong grip for shifting, but with many wrench designs, it’s necessary to know the right types of wrenches and their uses.

Various kinds of wrenches are out there, and each has its own particular uses case. Wrenches come in a variety of lengths so that you can work in cramped spaces too. But all of them got some basic features. Here are some of them you can keep in your toolset.

What are the Types of Wrenches and their Uses?


As the name implies, open-ended wrenches have both the ends open. The gaps are U-shaped and are not of the same size. While dealing with nuts and bolts that are inaccessible, or difficult to access normally, these wrenches are very useful. They give you super ease in turning nuts like these.


These are different from open-ended ones, they have both the ends in a closed loop.

They are designed to fit a hexagonal shape, and sometimes a square shape as well. There are different sized loops at both ends. Unlike open-ended type, Box-ended wrenches will not round-off the edges.


A combination wrench has features of both the open-ended a box-ended wrenches. It has an open end at one side, and closed loop on the other side. This tool is handy because you can open nuts and bolts using the box-end and then part them with the open-end. They have both ends of the same size for this reason.


Adjustable wrench or shifter is an open-ended wrench. With only one side to work with, you can adjust its settings to fit the nut you need to work onIt has a moveable lower jaw to set wrench size to fit the nuts and bolts. But one problem it has is that these are hard to use in narrow spaces.


Socket Wrench has socket attached to one end, usually for rotating a fastener. This wrench fits entirely over a nut or a bolt. This wrench also needs a handle thus most of them have a built-in joint.

After completing a turn, you don’t need to remove the socket. You can just remove the handle and re-insert it while keeping the socket on top of the nut or bolt.


Allen wrench or hex key has a hexagonal end. It comes in two shapes – either T-shape or L-shape. It is a simple, small and light tool. This wrench work like a screwdriver does.


Line wrench is kind of a mix between the box-ended and the open-ended wrench. On both sides, there’s an open end in this device. Best to work with softer metals as this wrench covers most part of a nut.


For functional work in limited spaces, this device is mostly used. Similar to socket wrenches, it combines a metal handle with a ratchet, which is set to a socket. And you don’t need to remove it from the socket after a single turn is done. Just remove the handle and set it again.


A torque wrench is used to specifically apply torque to a nut or bolt. This is used in cases where precise torque is needed, such as the automobile industry. Excess or less torque can damage these sensitive parts, thus torque wrench is used here.


Similar to pipe wrenches, this is an adjustable wrench for plumbing jobs. These are used in fastening or loosening pipes in a plumbing system. These adjustable wrenches can also be used on pipes of various sizes.


Also known as a wheel brace this wrench has sockets on all four sides, and the handles are longer than regular wrenches. This type is basically used in automobile industries. They are used to fasten the nuts on the wheels of cars.


Dumb-bell or dog-bone is a box-ended wrench. It is a specialty wrench and is designed to be used on bicycles. It has different size loops on two sides.


Spoke wrench is an open-ended wrench. This wrench is used to set specific tension force on wheel spokes. So they gotta have small handles to fit in little space between the spokes.


Also known as an air gun or air wrench, this wrench is powered either by electricity or by compressed air. This type of socket wrench provides high torque for the fastening or unfastening process. These could be used for most tasks, but not with high precision processes because of the torque.


This type of wrench is used on dies, thus got its name ‘die wrench’. This specialty wrench is used for creating threads on dies. Which is later used to shape molten metals.


As you can see, there are many types of wrenches, with the specialty and design of each differing. Moving on, hopefully, now you’ll understand what types of wrenches and their uses you would need for a particular task.

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How to use an electric sander on wood

How to use an electric sander on wood

So, you’re almost done with your woodworking project and ready to finish it in a while. The first thing now is to get it completely smooth. However, hand sanding is tedious and time-consuming, but an electric sander can save you from both. If you love working with wood, here’s our guide to show you how to use an electric sander on wood.

How to use an electric sander on wood Safely?

Basically, an electric sander gets rid of little blunders in the wood, evens out uneven or rough surfaces, and allows for very easier staining or painting the wood surface. There are several kinds of sanders, and each of them has its own use cases. Depending on your project, you can use a sander in the following steps –

1. Choose the most suitable electric sander

There are many kinds of sanders to pick from, and each one has its respective benefits and drawbacks. As a fact of the matter, there might be multiple sanders that you need for your project. Because each of them has respective usages. Here are some types of sanders:

Belt sanders

Belt sanders have sandpaper spread over rollers, these powerful sanders can get through large tasks in an instant. For large tasks like for doors, tabletops sanding or, removing paint and corner sanding of the timber floors, these are a very good option. They are so well fit for furniture or jobs that require a shimmering finish.

Sanders Belt speed is set in surface feet per minute and which can be from 900 as minimum and up to 1,600 as the maximum. The greater the speed, the faster the sander runs.

These sanders usually weight between 2.5 to 10 kilograms. You can add a belt sander to your workbench for an easier use and not have to carry the weight load.

Orbital finishing sanders

The most suitable electric sander for newbies, orbital sanders are super easy to use, silent and light. It’s got holding braces to keep the sandpaper tightly held against the pad, and it shakes in small circles while using. These sanders are perfect to create the smoothest finishing touches. It is also great for smoothing plaster, varnish or paint.

Random-orbit sanders

This category is great for all the random tasks. It has a round pad which makes ultra-smooth sanding a breeze. And it can easily remove stock with it. Although it isn’t that heavy-duty like a belt sander or has easy controls like an orbital finishing sander, it is absolutely the most adaptable sander.

2. Fit the right belt

Make sure to have the correct size belt for your sander. If you’re a beginner then small sized belt is a good choice. It has more control and stability. But if you want to exchange stability for extra sanding surface, then go for larger belts.

3. Get the correct sandpaper grit

Get the correct grit of sandpaper that your sanding needs. Otherwise, the sander won’t be of much use. Different types of sander need multiple kinds of sandpapers. So before buying, read the user manual of your sander and see which grit it works with.

Then check the grit or severity of the sandpaper. The larger the sandpaper grit number is, the smoother the sandpaper will be. It’s best to start rough and move toward granular grits. 40-grit, which is on the harsher side, is highly useful in getting rid of blemishes on the wood and polishing out uneven surfaces. The finer ones, like 600-grit, will give you super smoothness.

4. Use the correct sanding motions

Electric sanders don’t require much from their workers because their oscillations make it simple to run the sander over the wood. You don’t need to apply much force because its own movement is nearly enough for the wood.

If you get cramps in your hands then maybe you’re pushing too hard. You should always stand parallel to the wood grain because this will help you bypass any cross-grain cuts.

5. Stay safe when using an electric sander

You should take some cautions before using a sander. It is best if the sander has a dust pocket to store the dust particles or you should use a safety mask. It will save you from the little dust particles getting through your nostrils.

Moreover, wearing safety goggles will protect your eyes from floating particles. And protection gloves are always critical when working with power tools.

Once you have sanded the wood, turn the sander off and remove the holding clamps to separate the coarse paper. Progressively install finer grades of sandpaper and proceed till the desired finish is arrived. If applying a polish, use a wet cloth to eliminate all sand and dust bits from the wood.


So hopefully, after going through the steps mentioned here you’ll know how to use an electric sander on wood effectively and efficiently. Good luck with your woodworking!

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How To Use An Air Impact Wrench

How To Use An Air Impact Wrench

So, now that you have got yourself a pneumatic wrench, you want to use it. If you are a beginner and probably wondering how to use an air impact wrench, this article is for you.

Using an impact wrench is easy, and air impact wrenches are ever easier. However, you have to take care of certain things before and while using your wrench. Luckily, I have discussed them in simple steps for you.

How To Use An Air Impact Wrench The Right Way?

Prepare for Work

First things come first. So, you begin with reading the user manual your wrench brought into your hands. Read through to acknowledge when to use how much air pressure and other relevant technical nick-nacks. You must know your machine in the first place.

Now, you take safety measures to ensure your own safety in work. Gears such as safety goggles, hand gloves, full sleeve thick dress code are the highly advised ones.

Take the Tools You Need

Now depending on your aspect of work, take all appropriate and necessary tools. For an instance, let’s say you are gonna loose or reassemble your car’s nuts and bolts. So, here’s what you need: (1) An Air Impact Wrench of course, (2) Air compression or source of pressured air power supply and (3) Torque Socket and important accessories.

Make sure to take the right socket as you plan to open or tighten things.

Get Set Go

After you attach the torque stick or deep socket to your impact wrench, it is time to add oil to your tool. Just a few drops to the air inlet does well – that is all it takes. Now, you are gonna attach the air supply hose to your wrench. Give it a little push, and it will sound a click to confirm the attachment.

Go to your compressor and turn the air on to your required psi for the job. Before you start to pull the lug nuts off, make certain your wrench is in the reverse position. Plus, you cannot use a torque socket for opening things lose. Use a deep socket instead, just fit it on the end, it goes like a regular socket. This is because you are taking the nuts off, right?

If you’re tightening them, forward position and torque sticks are okay. At this point, hold the wrench firm in your hand and set it on the nuts. Then, you press the trigger. See? Easy as shit.

Tip: Before you set your wrench to the first nut, make sure you have elevated the vehicle properly.

As you have got all the lug nuts off, you can do your overhauling stuff comfortably. But after you fix things up, you have to reinstall them anyway. So let’s sort that out too.

Here what you are gonna do is to thread them by hand. This is to get them started on the thread. Now that you have to tighten the lug nuts right, you will use torque sockets. And, you should always use the torque stick in combination with your impact wrench.

FYI, a torque stick ensures that you torque the lug nut to the specified foot-pounds. You will notice a number of different colors. Here each of the colors denotes a particular foot-pound amount. The higher the torque number shows on the body, the thicker the stem of the torque stick will be.

Anyways, insert the stick to your wrench and insert the impact socket on the end of it as well. Slide the controller to forward position as you are putting the lug nut on. Remember you threaded each nut by hand first? Well, this was to make sure, you do not cross thread.

Yeah, you can go on with the wrench now. Set it on the nuts and hit the trigger. Oh wait, after you have tightened all the nuts, I have a tip.

Double check all the torque with a manual torque wrench.

Even though there is a lot of force and torque going on, it’s not gonna pain your wrist. Because it all happens inside your impact wrench(not on your wrist). So, you can surely pull that trigger and go one handed. Forget all the pain and sorrows with your air impact wrench.


I tried to make it really short to know about how to use an air impact wrench. So you don’t get bored with the technical convo. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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How to Use An Electric Screwdriver

How to Use an Electric Screwdriver

If you’re into DIY works or have to drive some screws, then, an electric screwdriver can help in taking the hard work out. They save your time on how to use an electric screwdriver properly and effort when you need to get flat-pack furniture set up or anything that requires driving in plenty of screws. Electric screwdrivers link batteries, engines, and gears with a switch into a compact yet robust package.

Thus making itself an excellent device. If you need to drill many screws frequently, then, an electric screwdriver is necessary for you. But it’s a common question from people how to use this device, especially from beginners. Because people new to this gadget often have a hard time understanding how to use it.

How to Use A Electric screwdriver right way?

Choose the Right Bit

As we use incorrect bit sometimes, it seems that working with an electric screwdriver is risky and harsh. So it is necessary to choose the exact bit for the specific power screwdriver. If you need mid-range wood screws, you can go for a PZ2, which is the most commonly used.

However, try to keep the bit at an angle of 45 degrees. And make sure that you are working with the right bit by seeing whether the bit stays on or not. Then, install the proper bit and tighten it properly.

Strongly Fitted Bit

You should check whether the electric screwdriver bit is properly tightened before using it. There’s a chance that the bit might slip if you don’t fit it properly. It can be risky and make the work less efficient. You already know that in drilling tasks, you have to put a lot of pressure on the screwdriver’s head.

So if the bit is not well fit on the head, it can slip and come out. Always check to ensure the bit is well fit on the head of the screw. And use a magnetic holder for the screwdriver bits.

Make a Small Hole First

While doing woodwork’s, it would be a good idea to create a pilot hole first before drilling into it. Pilot holes assure that you are operating properly and straightly. Screws tend to get with the grain of the wood usually and pilot holes help prevent the screw from that and keep it in the correct position. Moreover, pilot holes help prevent the wood getting split while you drive the screw inside.

If you happen to work with soft wood, then, use an awl to punch a hole to get a small or pilot hole and in case of hardwood drill, use any tool you wish. Another option of keeping the drill straight is to holt the screw sides gently to keep it in the right place until it begins to drill into the wood. It will prevent the screw from slipping off the screwdriver.

Start the Electric Screwdriver

Basically, there’s a speed range switch in most power drills, so set it up to the preferred speed first. You’ll also see an onward and a backward switch there. If you want to fit a new screw, first keep it facing the forward setting. And if you need to get the screw out of your screwdriver, then, keep it in the backward position. Now push that trigger switch and it will begin to install the bolt. Keep it driving till the screw does not completely set in your required position.

Clean and Store

After you use your electric screwdriver, clean it well and keep it in a specific toolbox. Nonetheless, if you do not correctly use your power screwdriver, it is not going to give you the maximum possible performance.


In this article, I discussed how to use an electric screwdriver properly. While you’re using any of the power tools, it is vital to keep in mind about its safety. You can put on hand gloves and eyeglasses when you use the power tools. Keep practicing. Stay secure and use your power drill like a pro!

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How Does An Air Impact Wrench Work

How Does An Air Impact Wrench Work

Ever wondered how does an air impact wrench work. I’m not sure, maybe you did. However, it is important to know how your tool works. Why do you ask? Because, when you know the working mechanism of your thing, you enjoy a better journey with it. It could be your day to day use or maintenance chores – whatever the case is, you get added values. Let’s get to the core part now.

How Does An Air Impact Wrench Work?

Basically, a pneumatic impact wrench works by the following simple steps:

Stores energy in a weighty rotational mass.
– Releases the energy altogether in small impacts.

When you pull the trigger, the motor inside your wrench starts to spin a heavy block. There is a tension spring which compresses as the block rotates to a certain degree. Until that point, the energy gets stored. And, soon as it rotates further than the specified limit point, the spring releases the tension pressure all at once. This happens as small impacts in every cycle against your wrench’s output shaft.

So, an impact wrench does not only rotate in a circular motion, but it also delivers a hammering action to the nuts or bolts twice in every rotating cycle. Talking of air impact wrenches, the power source is definitely compressed air. Interestingly, air impact wrenches offer excellent punch and power for DIY projects. They are capable to provide the most torque and are professional grade, lightweight and easier on users.

Let’s check out the components of a pneumatic impact wrench!

Inside the housing and rear cover, you get the output shaft or anvil, a pin, hammer and hammer cage, rotor and rotor blade in rotor cylinder. Other than these, you have a forward or reverse control system to instruct the tool where to rotate. When you attach the hose to its adapter(located under the handle) and pass the compressed air flow, it is forced through a hole. For your information, there are actually two holes inside the base.

The controller that decides which holes to pass the air into. It depends on your choice of reverse or forward position to go. However, the pressured air passes through one of the two holes into the system to its rear plate. This plate simply canals all the air into the cylinder. As the rotor blades sit loosely inside the cylinder, the air flow pushes them to move the rotator in a circular motion.

Then again, the rotor connects to a hammer and the anvil slot with the help of a few other components. So, when you put air pressure into the impact wrench, finally, the anvil begins to turn. The hammer cage surrounds the hammer in such a position and system using a pin, it revolves and stones into the slot machine.

The anvil entails a groove, and whenever the hammer reaches it, a slam blows concerning the anvil. All of these happen in association with the hammer, hammer cage and rotor. When the anvil denies shifting with these components, the hammer slides off from the grove. The whole process keeps repeating on a continuous stretch.


In the end, technical stuff is never entertaining – I can tell. Lol. Maybe you are already bored but guess what? I haven’t even gone through with the process. Again, people get bored to death. The truth is, you don’t need to entitle a doctorate on how does an air impact wrench work.

Especially, when your business is to merely use the thing, and you know how to use an air impact wrench already. So, that should be enough for the basic know-how. For any further queries, the comment section is open.

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Best Screwdriver Set 2019: Reviews And Guides

best screwdriver set 2019

No matter what you do to repair or make some improvements to your electronic device, you must unscrew the device first. And sometimes it is really hard to find the best screwdriver set 2019 that fits on screws perfectly. For that being said, you need a reliable screwdriver set which will provide you almost all the necessary services that will help you fix the infected device.

Best Screwdriver Set 2019 – Reviewed

There are tons of brands that offer screwdriver sets with lots of functionalities. But which one of those you really need to fix your device? Well, sit back and let us make it easy for you to choose the best screwdriver sets to fits your need!

5. Oria Screwdriver Set, 60 in 1 precision screwdriver kit

ORIA Screwdriver Set, Magnetic Driver Kit, Professional Repair Tool Kit, 60 in 1 with 56 Bits Precision Screwdriver Kit, Flexible Shaft, for 8, 8 Plus/Smartphone/Game Console/Tablet/PC
2,110 Customer Reviews
ORIA Screwdriver Set, Magnetic Driver Kit, Professional Repair Tool Kit, 60 in 1 with 56 Bits Precision Screwdriver Kit, Flexible Shaft, for 8, 8 Plus/Smartphone/Game Console/Tablet/PC
  • 1. Multi-Magnetic Hand Tools : 60 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set is Professional hand tools to repair all popular laptops, phones, game consoles, and other electronics.
  • 2. Variety of Specialty Bits : 56 different kind of Screwdriver bits, which made of chrome-vanadium steel are carefully selected by ORIA to meet all your need.
  • 3. Flexible Shaft : A flexible shaft is included, which is great for stereo work as well as other large electronics where the screws are not on the surface.
  • 4. High Quality : The Unique non-slip driver available on the market is machined from a single piece of aluminum and covered with Silica gel; it also has a ball bearing mounted swivel top to simplify the operation.
  • 5. Portable : Professional portable hardware tools with perfect weight & compact design for easy carry.

What if you have that one screwdriver kit which can fix all of your smart gadgets, household electronics, and even the washing machine? Surprisingly, Oria Screwdriver set has got 58 units to basically unscrew pretty much everything we use in our homes. It has lots of features and also a quality build to meet the expectations of professionals or even advanced technicians.

All of those 58 pieces can easily be paired with one supporting unit that comes out of the box. All the drivers feel very comfortable in hand because of its quality handle and solid construction. The tips are magnetized, of course, so you will not lose any the nails even the tiny ones.

Its beautifully made flexible shaft is very handy for stereo work and bigger electronics as the screws are not always on the flat surface. The huge number of bits are made of Chrome Vanadium steel. Oria made each of these drivers with a single piece of aluminum which is covered with silica gel and does have a ball bearing system mounted for effortless work.

Don’t question its portability just because it comes with tons of bits. The entire compact designed set allows utmost mobility. Its flex ensures the right amount of torque, enough to get the screws tight even on small spaces. All the bits do have their labels on the carrier, so it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

4. GearWrench 80066 20 Piece Master Dual Material Screwdriver Set

GearWrench 80066 20 Piece Master Dual Material Screwdriver Set
196 Customer Reviews
GearWrench 80066 20 Piece Master Dual Material Screwdriver Set
  • Tri-lobe ergonomic handle to obtain optimal balance of strength and comfort.
  • Size laser etched with part number and size on chrome vanadium steel shaft
  • "Speed Zone" for turning in lower torque applications; Black oxide non-slip tip
  • Innovative dual material handle for comfort and performance

If you are looking for a screwdriver set which is very comfortable to use and does have all the common size units that we mainly use for the basic household needs, then take a look at GearWrench 80066 model. Inside the box, you will get 9 Phillips and 9 slotted head drivers with 2 Torx head drivers. The shafts are made of Chrome plated Vanadium steel which will easily last longer.

Its colorful design feels pleasant to the eyes. The drivers got a color-coded handle on each one of them. The tri-lobe ergonomic handles will not let you feel fatigue. Although the handle needs some extra strength but still very comfortable to use. Actually, you may really love while holding this in your hand.

It is very disturbing when you try to unscrew something real quick and it does not fit to the driver properly. As this screwdriver has 20 pieces in the box, you will not have to face this sort of problem with most common sizes.

It has the Speed Zone feature which makes this driver very unique. Applications that have low torque can easily be unscrewed rapidly with the help of the Speed Zone. While contacting with the fastener, the black oxide nonslip top will not let it slip off.

3. Klein Tools 85078 Cushion-Grip Screwdriver Set (8-Piece)

Screwdriver Set 8 Piece, 4 Phillips and 4 Flat Head Tips, Cushion Grip, Precision Machined Klein Tools 85078
250 Customer Reviews
Screwdriver Set 8 Piece, 4 Phillips and 4 Flat Head Tips, Cushion Grip, Precision Machined Klein Tools 85078
  • General purpose selection of the most frequently used screwdrivers
  • Includes two cabinet-tip, two keystone-tip and four Phillips-tip screwdrivers
  • Tip-Ident quickly identifies the screwdriver type and tip orientation
  • Precision-machined tip for exact fit
  • Premium chrome-plated for smooth feel and corrosion resistance

This is one of the most frequently used screwdrivers set by the mechanics and technicians. The set includes 8 most commonly used screwdrivers of different sizes and tips. If you are looking for a bunch of screwdrivers for your workshop or household repairing works, then this is the by far the most appropriate and affordable driver set that would make a fair deal for you.

The whole set includes a cabinet, three keystones and four Phillips tip drivers. The tip-ident easily recognize tip orientation and screwdriver type. These tips are good enough to start for the basic tasks. The drivers are embedded with magnets in each one, which is great for holding different screws and bits in the proper position.

The design of this product is pretty much sleek and trendy. The cushion covered handle provides a solid grip and feels very comfortable to use. Also, the handles have the vinyl grip on them. Chrome-plated shaft makes the drivers very smooth and rust resistant. There are very few heavy duty screwdriver sets of this kind.

2. ORIA S2 Precision Screwdriver, 54 in 1 Magnetic Driver Kit

ORIA Screwdriver Set, Precision Screwdriver Kit S2 Strong Steel, 54 in 1 Magnetic Driver Kit, Model and Electronics Repair Tool Kit, for Drone, Smartphone, Tablet, PC, MacBook and Other Electronics
581 Customer Reviews
ORIA Screwdriver Set, Precision Screwdriver Kit S2 Strong Steel, 54 in 1 Magnetic Driver Kit, Model and Electronics Repair Tool Kit, for Drone, Smartphone, Tablet, PC, MacBook and Other Electronics
  • Fully Functional : The 54 in 1 multifunction tool set includes 37 types of screwdriver bits. Two of them are iPhone 7 bits, so it can be used to repair iPhone 7 and other devices.
  • High Quality Material : The most of bits are made of S2, which is harder material than others, the CRV made sockets and iPhone 7 bits are hard and durable.
  • Innovative Wrenches : The special wrenches with innovative design is suitable for fixing the UAV models and Car models. It also can be used in electronics and other home applications.
  • Ergonomic Design : Non-slip ergonomic handle has practical and professional design, it is easy and convenient for using.
  • Easy To Use : Come with Lightweight & Compact design. It is easy to carry and store at home and work, and it can be put in your bag easily.

If you are someone who must need a heavy duty and multi-functioned screwdriver set, brace yourself, ORIA got something really tough for you. This heavy-duty screwdriver set is built with some serious metal. The S2 metal can tolerate hardness over HRC60, that assures long-time durability.

It is a 54 in 1 set, 37 of those are screwdriver bits, two bits are for iPhones. The entire set is loaded with everything a technician need for repairing, tools like SIM card ejector, extension bar, handlebar, Phillips and flat screwdriver, ESD tweezer, flexible extension shaft, LCD suction cup and much more.

You can use this set for multiple purposes. You can use it as a repair tool for your smartphones, laptops, MacBooks, PC, watches, Cameras, Xbox/PS4 controller and even glasses.  It specially features wrenches with innovative design for fixing the UAV and car models. And of course, you can also use it for other household applications.

The ergonomic handle provides a solid grip on it. The design is very lightweight and compact, so it is very convenient to use. Also, you can tell this set got a very professional look. The high-quality construction can protect easily from falling off.

1. Wera 932/6 Kraftform Plus Screwdriver Set and Rack

Wera 932/6 Kraftform Plus Screwdriver Set and Rack, 6-Pieces
81 Customer Reviews
Wera 932/6 Kraftform Plus Screwdriver Set and Rack, 6-Pieces
  • Features Slotted and Phillips drive tips with pound-thru blade and rack
  • Extra tough Pound-thru blade is designed to withstand hammering, preventing splintering of screwdriver handle or blade
  • Impact cap transfers full force of hammer and eliminates vibration
  • Multi-component Kraftform handle fits the shape to the hand for the ultimate in comfort and high speed torque transfer
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty, German Engineered

You can hit this screwdriver with a hammer if you want. But as it features pound-thru and impact cap, you will find it is still fully usable. Likewise, all other Wera products, its blade is also made off bit-grade steel. The driver set is specially designed for chiseling, loosening seized screws and fastening. For additional strength, it has a hexagonal profile.

The service life is extended by an integrated impact cap. It reduces the risk to be splintered. With the help of ring spanner or open-jawed, the hexagon bolster can provide extra torque transfer at high speed. For the tidy storage, it comes with a very useful practical rack. The black pointed tip and composite hardening process assure the longer service life of the tips. It also got enhancing rust protection.

A hard tool may need extra effort to hold on to. Thanks to the ergonomically designed handle, made off multi-component that will fit your hand nicely. It gives utmost comfort and the soft zone ensures high-speed torque transfer. Its anti-roll protection prevents the screwdrivers from rolling away on a plane surface.


Best Screwdriver Set – Buying Guide

You need to take a few things into consideration before buying the best screwdriver set in 2019. Although, it seems that it just a tool to unscrew your electronic devices, but screwdriver sets nowadays offer a lot more than that. Let us tell you a few important aspects which should be taken care of before you invest your money on –

Head Types:

Depending on your need, you may look for Philips, flat head, torx, and clutch types of head. Do not be confused by seeing the different types of head names. Because in most cases, flat head and Philips are commonly used that you need most unless you are a professional technician.

You may come across with the hexagonal hole headed screw which is mostly used with Allen wrenches. Torx or torque head looks like a star because of its 6 points. One screwdriver set to rule them all! You got us right, you should look for the one set that offers you different types of tips so that you can deal with various types of screws.

The number of pieces:

Screwdriver sets mostly come with 5 to 100 units. If you need more units you may go for a bit expensive one which will offer you more pieces in their product case. Otherwise, 10 pieces of the set that includes 5 flat and 5 Philips head, is enough for most of the time.


One of the major aspects of a good screwdriver is its handle. You should feel comfortable while you are holding it. Otherwise, the cheap build handle might ruin your work. Look for the one which has an ergonomic design for comfortable holding. The quality of materials, by which the driver handle is constructed with, will tell you whether the driver will roll on a plane surface or not. The durability of the handle is very important if you are looking for a professional level of screwdriver set.

Length of Screwdriver pieces:

Small sized screwdrivers can perform great, even if the working point is hard to reach. Also keep in mind that, if all the pieces are long then you may face problems dealing with short points on your working object. So, make sure the screwdriver set contains the different size of drivers.

High-Strength Shafts:

The screwdrivers made of high-strength heat treated Chrome Vanadium steel is durable enough and they are also rust resistant.


It is very disturbing to see the screws falling off from the tip. Although most of the screwdrivers are magnetized, you may find very few of those having a proper magnetic grip that is powerful enough to hold screws nicely. The tips should be magnetized enough so that you do not lose any tiny sized screw while working. It prevents the screw from dropping more often.


A durable screwdriver will make less hassle for you. Sometimes it is very hard to tell which one will last longer just by judging them based on the appearance. Spending more money does not always assure you the quality of the product. Look for what sort of metal has been used. Make sure your desirable driver set is made of good quality steel or aluminum or any other similar metals. “High-strength” and “heat treated” labeled steel are very tough compared to other metals.


Specify your purpose, you do not need fancy collections of tips that will cost too much. For general usage, stick to a basic screwdriver set that meets your indoor working purpose. You will need a construction purpose screwdriver set if you are looking for engineering and industrial grade materials. They are heavy and complex as most of them come with a big case.


Make your decision giving the priority on safety, construction quality, and performance. Screwdriver sets differ a lot in build quality, durability and performance. Do not think it’s just an instrument on which you are investing, rather it is a necessity. Maybe, you are now dealing with small-sized and general household electronic products, but you may need to work with bigger sizes and more difficult ones.

So, according to what you need, make sure it is future proof, which means you do not have to buy another screwdriver set in next year. Anyway, based on different aspects, we have reviewed some of the best screwdriver set 2019 that you can find on the market. So, good luck with a successful purchase!

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