Best Tile Saws: Reviews and Buying Guide


When confronted with so many products, choosing the best tile saws can be a challenging job. If your kitchen or bathroom is redesigned, you will understand just how essential fresh tiles are.

Tiles are going to create that drastic shift and you’re going to need them to fit your fresh interior. The only problem is that you can normally just buy standard-sized tiles, and this won’t generally fit every single portion of the ground so you’ll end up cutting them down.

One thing you need to know is that without a saw you won’t be able to cut any tile down, so you’ll need a tile saw to do that. We’ve placed together a list of all the best tile saws out there so you’re not going to have to spend ages attempting to find out which one is the best tile saw to buy.

Best Tile Saws – Reviewed

DEWALT D24000S Wet Tile Saw

Anyone who is acquainted with instruments understands how good a Dewalt product is when you buy it. It’s no distinct from the Dewalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw, which is why it tops the list as the best-wet tile saw. This saw provides the contractor or the handyman everything, and its outstanding design makes it possible to cut quickly and accurately.

This tile saw features a rail system of stainless steel enabling accurate cutting. For a contractor, this is vital and one of the characteristics that make it the best professional tile saw on the market today. You’re not going to be disappointed with its cutting characteristics as well as the plunge function that enables the user to make fast cuts to power outlets and A / C registers.

It also comes equipped with a Dewalt Blade diamond-studded. It also comes with two water nozzles that enable the user to guide the spray to guarantee that water goes precisely where it wants to go. The D 24000S has some other excellent characteristics in its compact design. It weighs in at just 69 pounds and comes with a simple case for carrying which enables one individual to carry it and set up the saw rapidly.

This item not only comes with the saw, but it comes with a stand as well. Every contractor understands how much trouble it can be to not have a stand and it can be hard on the job site to try to discover a stable platform. The compact frame also makes it simple to store in the car or at home. The strength, precision, and user-friendliness make this the finest tile saw available today.

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Buying the 7-inch SKIL wet tile saw is wise because both the rental of a tile saw and the purchase cost of SKIL 3540-02 are quite the same. Our specialists believe that the 3540-02 for the homeowner would be the budget-friendly saw. We are forced to tell it as the best wet saw for tile due to its features and versatility.

It is small, unlike professional-grade, and can’t handle all types of tasks of tile cutting. The wet saw has a strong 4.2-amp engine capable of producing up to 3600-rpm. Although the engine is not as powerful as the Husqvarna 967318101 or DEWALT D24000S, all main home-based tile cutting tasks can be handled.

The diamond-powered blade can cut all tile kinds. The saw tabletop can readily take care of up to 12x 12-inch tile together with an adjustable rip fence. It’s not SKIL’s restriction. Model 3540-02 wet saw has 7.75-inch and 7.25-inch diagonal cutting ability.

SKIL produced model 3540-02 tile cutting saw, like the miter making saw, can create bevel cutting. It can also create bevel of0-degreeand45-degree without any cause. In a word, the best inexpensive saw you can have on the market is this7-inch tile saw.

MK Diamond MK-170 Wet Tile Saw

For a price of $220 and $250, the MK Diamond 157222 MK-170 1/3-Horsepower7-inch bench wet tile saw can be purchased anywhere. Compared to some of the other products we’ve included in our list, it’s a mid-range machine and is the cheaper version of its larger sibling, the MK 370EXP. The product weighs 17.8 pounds and is compact. It is versatile, user-friendly and simple to perform and clean.

It comes with a diamond blade and a water pump that is submersible. The blade of 7 inches can create 2 inches deep and 12 inches long cuts. The engine is a large, universal, 1/3 horsepower torque. It carries out 5,500 rotations per minute. This makes the item perfect for cutting counters or tiles on the ground. There is a platform for job accuracy. Some reviewers, however, noted that the table on which the tile sits is not sliding into the saw, but that the tile flows upwards.

Overall, the manufacturer was asked to redesign the tabletop on this model by more individuals. While it’s a nice saw, it enables you to do your work. Some individuals complained it had so much overspray that they had to use it outside, while others said there was not much overspray. No doubt this is a product for the weekend warriors, although some of these DIY-ers have been able to use this tool to finish more extensive projects. Everything may rely on how difficult you use it.

QEP 22650Q Wet Tile Saw

The tile saw QEP 22650Q 3⁄4 HP 120 volt has an embedded rail cart system and a 22.5 and 45-degree miter gauge for cutting. It is a fixed saw that is worth $80-$99 for a sensible cost. Putting the end of the value on our list. The saw’s highest rip capability is 30 inches. The capability of the diagonal cut is 30 inches. The cutting peak depth is 1-1/4 inches. The engine has 2 horsepower and 4.8 amperages.

It can rotate 3600 per minute. The blade is produced of steel with a diameter of 7 inches and a thickness of 0.06 inches. It can be altered by key. It can be used to cut ceramics and pavers. As a moist tile saw, it comes with a 2-gallon water pan. It is made of plastic ABS; it can be removed and washed readily. The QEP 22650Q3 features an inner water baffle that minimizes water spray and decreases refilling.

This instrument is regarded to be lightweight at 15.7 pounds. Moving around, setting up and packaging is very simple. The manufacturer’s provided warranty is one year. Some reviewers argue that you need to maintain water at hand for constant use. When you work with it, it splashes a little, but experience demonstrates that with some individuals this tends to occur more than with others. It may rely on the assembly and use of the instrument.

Some reviewers also argue that if it’s not dried out well, the saw rusts readily. It may not be a good idea to dry air. The noise level is also high, but in the event of instruments with a large number of rotations per minute, it generally comes with the land. Otherwise, the product is good for the money paid. Most people seem to recommend it mainly for smaller projects.

Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower Tile Saw

The wet tile saw from Chicago offers a number of features that enable precise cuts and ensure a finished product of great quality. The adjustable cutting head enables you to adjust the head for a number of different tiles and you can even adjust the head so that 3 1⁄2 inch bricks can also be cut.

This saw has a cutting ability of up to 24 inches and will enable any tile cutting job to be performed by the weekend warrior. The Chicago Electric also features a water pump of 3 gallons per minute to guarantee continuous spraying of water while making accurate cuts on tile or brick. It also comes with an oversized steel frame with precise bar system to help with challenging cutting.

The powerful 15 amp 2.5 horsepower engine will help cut through the hardest brick or tile, and the vibration is prevented by the heavy-duty cast aluminum. It’s a wonderful option this saw. Even though it’s not as nice as the Dewalt, it’s cheaper and will give you a quality cut regardless of the stuff. To any contractor or DIYer attempting to complete a product, I suggest this tile saw.

Best Tile Saws – Buying Guide

Technically, choosing the best tile saws for you shouldn’t be difficult. In this regard, you have a lot to choose from. Practically, there are so many choices an individual may feel overwhelmed by selecting this tool for the first tile.

For the weekend warrior who is just beginning to work on such a project, this runs double. I know this goes without stating, but with any power tool, make sure that you follow safety guidelines so that you completely comprehend the risks and dangers they present, particularly with a tile cutter instrument.


The first thing about the engine. You certainly need to maintain an eye on it when you want to purchase a tool with an engine. The engine receives energy from a source and generates rotating energy to move the blade to cut the items down.

Not every company on the market is the same, and with equal power, they don’t use the same engine kinds. If you look at our feedback, we’ve mentioned some of the top saws on the market with various horsepowers. In general, our team has seen the best tile features ranging from 1-hp to 3-hp engine.


Sometimes just getting a tile cutter to cut the tiles is enough. The tile cutters, however, are not the best to have an accurate cut. So, the contractors enjoy having a tile saw for their job site rather than just a tile cutter.

By providing clumsy and low-quality building, some of the firms wanted to maintain their saw cost low. These poorly built saws are not accurate, and they are unable to produce the exact straight cut. So, check out the saw reviews from above and pick up the finest saw according to budget to get the most precise tile saw.


All building employees generally want portable instruments. Portable instruments are simple to move around, and the changeable worksite is crucial. On the other hand, having a heavy stationary tile saw is not helpful, as tiling projects are not permanently stable in the same places. So attempt to pick up the saw that is sturdy enough along with lightweight when you’re searching for the finest tile cutting saw.


Without a blade, Saw is like a warrior without a sword. Both of them can not accomplish their objective. Some companies offer saws without a blade, and to have a diamond-coated blade you have to spend some extra money.

Again, with a normal blade that can’t cut the tile, companies can offer you the saw. It will leave scars on the tile, even if it can. So attempt to be intelligent and pick up one saw from our finest tile saw list without searching any further.

Wet saw

This is a feature you’ll need if you don’t want a lot of dust and debris when you’re in the middle of cutting down a tile. Water tends to pass through a pipe, and when it works it will be pushed straight onto the saw.

The water will prevent the formation of as much dust as it allows you to see what you are cutting, as when it gets dusty it can really affect your vision. This is a wonderful characteristic you should look for, as it can actually assist you to cut the tile much more correctly and it will prevent any accidents from occurring due to the dust in your sight.


Above I evaluated today’s five best tile saws and the clear winner was the Dewalt D24000S. It had the superior cutting capacity, along with an engine that made cutting even the toughest tiles easy. I also liked the immersion function that makes cutting places a breeze for outlets without worrying about breaking a tile. Another characteristic I liked was how compact and portable it was, and the stand with it.

The tile saw the SKIL 3540-02 was the highest value for the cash. This saw of tiles is the ideal saw for the DIYer weekend. It offers the correct quantity of energy in home assignments for the simple, and it does not break the bank. I strongly suggest this tile saw to someone who is looking to take on weekend projects and who intends to buy his own saw instead of paying the same for a day’s rent.

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