Best Reel Mower: Reviews and Buying Guide


If you’re a homeowner who’s interested in maintaining your lawn completely manicured without the mess, hassle, and cost of cumbersome gas or electric mowers, then finding out the best reel mower is one of the smartest choices you can make. These manual push mowers, synonymous with the classic picture of lawn mowing, were once to the go-to solution to trim the grass long before their gas, battery and electric lawn mower competitors came onto the market. Not amazingly, among many homeowners with tiny or medium-sized yards, they are still a favorite. You may want to look at our list of top riding mowers for homeowners with bigger yards.

And with contemporary design developments and characteristics, reel mowers are witnessing a significant popularity revival as they are now simpler to push than ever before. These mowers are a clean, quiet solution to gas and electric mowers with silent operation and zero emissions. But these manual garden tools are not only environmentally friendly and extremely simple to store, but they also make a reel tool lightweight and simple to use. And let’s not forget that your lawn is actually healthier with these easy-to-use mowers. You can choose a string trimmer for an allegedly simpler alternative (see here). Or view the trimmer instruments of the top gas string.

Best Reel Mower – Reviewed

1. Earthwise 1715-16EW

The Earthwise 1715 is one of the finest mowers on the market and, thanks to its efficiency, light weight and durability, made the final place in our evaluation of 2019’s best push mowers. It provides effective, smooth cutting efficiency but these mowers are extremely simple to push and maneuver at just 26lbs. With a cutting length of 16 “the 1715 is ideal in hard fields with narrow places and turns for cutting a tiny yard or maneuvering. These mowers create quick and effective cuts with 7 blades on a tempered alloy steel reel.

And with the 7 blades, it’s one of the finest bent-grass homeowners mowers like the varieties Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, St. Augustine, and Seashore Paspalum. You can choose the cutting height from 1⁄2 “to 2 1⁄2” with the 1715 Mower, so you can choose the correct cutting height for your crop type. And this mower is extremely durable with an unbreakable steel side plate and will resist years of use.

Why We Like It

  • Small yards and hard-to-reach spaces have 16 “cutting width.
  • 7 Blade wheel of the ball.
  • An unbreakable side plate of steel to enhance durability.
  • Adjustments in cutting height enable you to choose between 1⁄2 “and 2 1⁄2.”
  • 7 Blade design makes it ideal for bent-grass family homeowners.

2. Fiskars StaySharp Max

The Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower is one of today’s best reel mowers on the market, earning second place. Robust, well-designed and adjustable, this is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a greener, healthier way to handle their landscaping duties. This mower can be pushed easily and can make any lawn look lovely and professional. This 18 “broad reel mower features InertiaDrive technology with a large diameter cutting reel and thicker blades that enable the cutting force to be doubled.

Moreover, the StaySharp Cutting System’s precision-ground blades never make contact with the stationary reel, enabling enhanced blade life, sharpness, easier mowing, and accurate cutting. This reel mower, designed with inset wheels, makes edging simple, enabling you to cut tight strips along sidewalks, walkways, and trails, solving one of the few consumer grips connected with these manual mowers.

A chain drive design provides enhanced inertia, making pushing the StaySharp Max 60 percent simpler than competing reel mowers. And for versatility, this mower enables you to adjust a number of items including handle height, lawn cutting height (from 1 “to 4”) and grass clipping shooting direction.

Why We Like It

  • Technology InertiaDrive provides more cutting energy and makes pushing this model 60 percent simpler.
  • Never touch the reel with cutting blades, enabling for better sharpness and efficiency.
  • Inset wheels and a cutting blade that covers the unit’s entire width make simple edging possible.
  • Highly versatile and comfortable.

3. American 1204-14

With the 1204 14 “Reel Mower, the American Lawn Mower Company is again making our evaluation of best reel mowers. This compact, the lightweight instrument provides the outstanding output you would expect from a brand that has been producing high-quality lawnmowers and accessories for over a century and is the best choice for tiny lawn homeowners. Designed with 4 long-lasting, accurate blades and a tempered alloy steel reel and the bed knife blade, this reel mower provides your lawn with a clean, accurate, scissor-like cut.

With a cutting length of 14 “and adjustable cutting height from 1⁄2” to 1 3⁄4, “fast passes can be made while selecting the highest cutting height for your grass type. Built with 8 1⁄2 “elevated impact, polymer wheels that can quickly navigate through your lawn, the 1204 Reel Mower is simple to move this mower along your yard at just 19 lbs. This lightweight reel mower, which takes up very little storage room, is extremely simple to run and store away in your shed or garage when not in use.

Why We Like It

  • Durable design with 4 stainless steel alloy blades and knife for beds.
  • For lower yards or narrow places, 14 “cutting width is fantastic.
  • Cut height adjustable from 1⁄2 “to 1 3⁄4.”
  • Amazingly lightweight to push and store easily.

4. Great States 415-16

In addition to being one of the most inexpensive designs mentioned in our review, the Great States 415 16 “Reel Mower is also an extremely well-made instrument that provides accurate, accurate outcomes. Its heat-treated alloy steel blades and reels are durable and remain sharper for years of reliable performance longer than many of its rivals. Lightweight and readily maneuvered for homeowners who have a house with a tiny lawn, this is an excellent economic reel mower. Its 10 “ball bearing wheels enable you to navigate rapidly around your lawn with this environmentally friendly instrument and an unbreakable steel side plate provides extra safety and resilience.

And with a cutting length of 16, “this reel mower can make large cutting swaths so that you can cut your lawn with zero noise and pollution in no moment. The T-style handle has cushioned handles for convenience and is powder-coated to prevent rust. This reel mower’s cutting height can be adapted from 1⁄2 “to 2 1⁄2” so you can choose the ideal cutting height for the type of grass growing on your lawn.

Why We Like It

  • Heat-treated blades of steel alloy for maximum durability of the blade edge.
  • For tiny or medium yards, 16 “cutting width is ideal.
  • Cut height adjustable from 1⁄2 “to 2 1⁄2.”
  • Simple, durable design for years of use.

5. Scotts 2000-20

With the Scotts 2000 20 “Reel Mower, Scott receives a position in our evaluation. It is one of today’s best accessible reel mowers on the market. With its generous 20 “cutting width, even a medium-sized lawn, this reel mower is capable of making the fast job. And it decreases drag for simple maneuverability with a distinctive rear wheel design, accelerating the lawn mowing process. The 2000 Reel Mower is highly stable and simple to push with 10 “dual monitoring wheels and radial tires. Its 5 heat-treated steel blades are sharp and resilient, leaving a lovely, well-manicured lawn with crisp, scissor-like clippings.

And with 9 adjustable cutting heights from 1 “to 3” you can change rapidly to get your lawn’s ideal cutting height. A comfortable handle for the foam-grip loop makes this reel mower simple to operate. And a welded protective reel hood helps to safeguard overhanging bushes and shrubs from accidental harm, which is good for trimming along your lawn’s edges.

Why We Like It

  • For a tiny or medium lawn, why we like it 20 “cutting width is ideal.
  • 5 Heat-treated steel blades for sharpness and accuracy cutting.
  • 9 Heights of cutting adjustable.
  • Design of the rear wheel for increased stability and easier operation.

What’s a Reel Mower?

Reel mowers were the instrument of choice when it came to mowing your lawn years before the invention of the gas-powered instruments. These mowers are comparatively easy to use and continue to be an iconic symbol of suburban American. While they fell out of favor when the popularity of gas and electric mowers started to grow, many homeowners still depended for their yard work on these effective, quiet manual mowers. And these phones have seen a notable revival in popularity due to a rise in health and environmental awareness.

The push mower is extremely fundamental, making it an excellent choice for anyone searching for an alternative to electric mowers that is maintenance-free. They are intended with 2 or 4 wheels and feature a 3 to 7 blade cutting reel. These blades are usually produced for long-lasting sharpness from a durable, resilient tempered steel or other metal. His blades will spin vertically from north to south as you push the mower forward, lifting grass blades between them and a bed knife. This action produces a scissor-cutting action that snips grass blades as it progresses.

How to use a reel mower?

The reel was the classic way for homeowners to maintain their lawn well maintained long before the invention of electric and gas-powered mowers. These manual mowers work as you manually push the tool forward through a set of blades that spin. As you move forward, blades of grass fall between the blades of the mower and a sharp knife of the bed, enabling the mower to snip the grass like a scissor. These mowers are an excellent, healthy solution to electric mowers with minimal maintenance and low price.

And it’s extremely easy to use them, fortunately. The first thing you’ll do is set your tool’s cutting height between 1 1⁄2′ and 2 1⁄2′ somewhere. The correct height is a matter of personal preference and will also rely on what kind of grass you have as certain varieties require specific cutting heights for optimum health. Most mowers will have a height-adjustable. This range can be set from as low as 1⁄2 “to as high as 4” depending on the model.

Simply push your mower forward at a standard walking pace with the right cutting height chosen, enabling the system to rotate and the blades and bed knife’s scissor-like motion to do their job. Walk from one end of the lawn to the other in a straight row. Turn the mower around at the end of your row and create another swathe that overlaps the first row slightly. Just repeat this motion until you mow the entire segment.

Most push mowers will leave on your lawn good grass clippings. These will break down and provide your soil with nutrients such as nitrogen for natural, healthy fertilization. Other models will come with back collection bags that are detachable. These bags enable you to retrieve most of the cuts in a trash bag for disposal. For homeowners who like a cleaner, more tidy lawn, this technique is preferable.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Reel Mower?

Traditional rotary mowers hack grass blades, tear them and let them lose essential liquids and become more vulnerable to disease and bug assaults. But reel mowers cut each blade as if with a scissor you were snipping it, leaving a healthier, greener lawn in its path. Reel mowers are available in a multitude of styles and sizes.

Some have unique characteristics intended to make it simpler and quicker than ever before to mow the lawn. And with a number of excellent brands providing reel mowers at a broad range of rates, it can be a challenging job to choose the correct mower for you. But we did the hard legwork for you by looking at the best of the accessible reel mowers.

We looked at their design, durability, characteristics, and efficiency, and came up with our 2019 list of the 10 best-rated reel mowers on the market. You will be able to discover the item that is perfect for the lawn of your home after reading through our reviews.


In terms of the maneuverability of your potential push mower, there are two factors to consider: the real weight of the product itself and the ease with which it can be maneuvered across the lawn. There is little point in owning a lightweight machine that is hard to move around owing to bad wheel design; likewise, it would not be very nice either to have an ergonomic mower that is cumbersome and hard to budge. Look for something that isn’t too heavy to transfer from the garage to the lawn and push easily, so after 5 minutes of use it won’t tire you out.

Cutting height

Typically, cutting height is adjustable and enables you to choose the height you want your grass to cut. A machine’s window can vary wildly, but the smaller the number below and the higher the number above, the better. Push mowers often struggle with high grass, pushing it flat instead of cutting it; so, if you’re the type of person who frequently doesn’t mow the lawn, you’d be best suited to a machine with as high a cutting height as you can.

Cutting Width

Again, two factors must be taken into account here. First, consider the cutting length specified in the description of the item. If you have a big lawn but buy a tiny cutting width machine, you’re going to spend much longer mowing the grass, making numerous passes. A cutting length of 14to 16-inches may be enough for bigger lawns, but you’ll want to consider something about20-inches for bigger fields.

However, there’s a slight penalty for broad cutting routes–as you’re putting all the effort into cutting a 20-inch broad route than a smaller one, it’s a bit difficult to push a broader mower than a smaller one. Second, the design of the push mowers wheels, blades and frame should be considered. If you have numerous fences or foundations against the edge of your lawn, you won’t be able to cut any mower that doesn’t have inset wheels straight across the limits. This could lead to untidy edges unless you pick up the slack in a string trimmer.

Grass Clippings

Push mowers different handles of grass clippings. Some are going to funnel the blades into a bag, others are going to turn the grass off in a selected direction, and some are going to just let the grass drop down to the floor to break down. If you’re not too worried about your lawn’s appearance of cut grass, the latter choice may be the cheapest for you. Consider that bag attachment, when weighed down by grass, often have issues with staying attached, and they can also get in the manner.

Steel Blades

Look for a steel blade reel mower–you want your mower to last for a lengthy moment, so it’s best to pay a little extra for excellent quality equipment & building.


Reel mowers are great to keep your grass healthy. Most landscaping experts argue that not only is it good for the environment to use one of these mowers, but they are actually better for the grass of your property. They do not harm your grass because they use a snipping action to cut grass compared with the tearing movement used by powered rotary mowers. A reel guarantees that grass is cut uniformly in comparison to the tearing movement a gas or electric model utilizes to mow as if you were snipping it with a scissor. This enables your lawn to maintain precious humidity and be more resistant to bugs, disease, and drying out.

These models are also intended to provide a healthier, brighter yard with natural fertilization for your lawn. Mulching is doing this. The mower leaves in its path fine clippings that contribute to the soil important nutrients such as nitrogen. This natural fertilizer is a fantastic additional advantage to your lawn and will save you the cash that you would need to spend on similar store-bought fertilizers. And if you’re not a fan of leaving clippings on your lawn, some designs come with attachments to the back pocket that can catch a reasonable quantity of clippings for a cleaner, more tidy look.


These mowers are the most inexpensive instruments you can buy to mow and keep the appearance of your yard. Models of the budget can cost as little as $70. And you won’t even cost a premium model much more than $200. Moreover, another significant economic benefit is that manual mowers cost nearly nothing to run once your original investment is made.

This is a major benefit over gas mowers requiring you to buy fuel gas as well as oil for the occasional oil change. And in fact, they are more cost-effective than also electric models. This is because you won’t add a dime to your electric bill because you don’t charge a battery or plug it into your instrument.


Reel mowers have been designed to operate on comparatively brief grass effectively. If you plan to mow a grassy yard that is considerably larger than 4 “it will take more time and work than a gas-powered mower (click to read the mowing survey). That said, with a few extra passes on each route, heavy grass can be cut with a push mower and keeping it extremely easy once the lawn is back to a decent height.

They are best suited for tiny or medium yards measuring less than 3,000 square feet due to the manual nature of these mowers. With these manual mowers, tackling yards that are bigger than this will become tedious and take a significant quantity of time.


These mowers are much more expensive than electric or gas-powered mowers. They not only cost between $70 and $200, but they have no operating costs connected with it. This implies that using one of these mowers implies no batteries, no charges for electricity, and no payment for petrol or oil.


Manual push mowers for maintenance are nearly maintenance-free. These instruments do not involve oil changes, replacement components, charging, or refueling as opposed to electric mowers. Perhaps the only maintenance you will ever have to do is sharpen these mowers ‘ blades every couple of years.


Gas and electric mowers are noisy, both upsetting your family and neighbors. But manual mowers are almost silent, enabling you to enjoy being outdoors without a mower’s deafening noise in your ear. In addition, no emissions are produced by these manual mowers. Compared to a gas mower that emits the same quantity of hydrocarbons in one hour of operation as an automobile would on a 100-mile road trip, this is an enormous health advantage for both you and the environment.

Size of your lawn

These mowers are best suited for tiny and medium yards measuring less than 3,000 square feet due to the average cutting length between 14 “and 20” and since you are pushing your reel mower along your lawn.

How can I use a Reel Mower to cut Tall Grass?

How to cut tall grass with Reel MowerWhile these mowers are great for mowing well-maintained yards due to their distinctive scissor-like clipping action, they can get stuck when working in overgrown fields, making it hard to push the mower forward or even jam it. They are therefore best suited for use in well-maintained yards that do not measure much greater than 4 “tall. While these mowers are not suitable for greater than 4 “grass lawns, it can be performed. It will only take a little more time and patience.

You will need to modify the way you mow your lawn to use these push mowers to mow tall grass. The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have a generous overlap to mow. This implies that once you have finished mowing one line across your yard, turn around and go back in the other direction with your mower while overlapping your prior route by a couple of inches. This will ensure that between rows you don’t have elevated grass lines.

Besides overlapping your cutting, one of the following two techniques should also be used to mow your lawn. You can either cut elevated grass effectively with a push mower. The first technique of mowing is to repeat twice each route. Move each row in one direction and turn your mower around in the opposite direction. This will guarantee that for a more even and thorough cut, you catch the grass blades of your lawn from both corners.

The other technique is called the pattern of the checkerboard. This technique also includes twice mowing each lawn section. Only with this motion will you move your lawn as usual, but then repeat the process in the opposite direction, crisscrossing your original paths perpendicular to a checkerboard. You can use these manual mowers with these extra passes on each strip and attain the smooth, manicured appearance you are looking for even under high grass circumstances.

How to Sharpen a Reel Mower?

Although these mowers are a great and easy way to mow your lawn, you may be worried about maintenance problems such as blade sharpening. Fortunately, this task doesn’t have to be done very often and it’s really very simple to do when it’s time to sharpen the blades of your mower. The edges of these manual mower blades do not dull very rapidly under ordinary use due to the scissor-like clipping action of the blades ‘ movement. Occasionally, scraping against rocks may wear down the blades slightly, but most of them will maintain their sharp cutting edge for a very long time.

After a few years of use, the blades of the mower will become mildly dull as they are bound to be pushed across rocks, curbs, and dense branches, and these difficult surfaces will take off the edge. Dull blades will cause the instrument to prevent smooth operation and press harder. When you notice that your mower doesn’t progress as fast as it used to, it’s best to check the mower’s reel alignment first and make sure it doesn’t need to be adjusted.

If the alignment is okay, then it’s time to sharpen the blades of your mower. It’s time to sharpen your blade once you notice that your mower doesn’t perform as well as it used to. One of the best and simplest ways is to buy a back lapping sharpening kit. These kits are quite fundamental, with some sharpening compound and a handle. Simply attach the included handle to the driving equipment on your mower to use a back lapping sharpening kit and use a paintbrush to apply the sharpening compound to all the blades.

Then just crank the mower backward, enabling the blades to scrape each other down and restore their sharp edge. The only downside of this technique is that it needs some elbow grease as you are going to crank the handle manually to rotate the blades of the mower. While a back lapping sharpening kit is the best way to sharpen the blades of your manual mower, a power drill and sharpening attachment can also be used to conduct the job. These attachments fit into an energy drill and operate just like an attachment to a polishing brush.

Just take the button of your drill and run the attachment along the bottom of the blade to a sharper edge to sharpen your blades with this technique. If you plan to use this technique, one thing to maintain in mind is that it is best to either remove the blade reel or secure it before sharpening to prevent accidental injury. Although most mowers feature high-quality blades that maintain a sharp edge for several years, at the start or end of the mowing season it is best to make this method part of an annual routine.

Since it’s the only maintenance you’ll ever need to conduct on this instrument and it can be done in a matter of minutes, it’s a good habit to get into it and it’s going to make sure your reel mower provides the best possible output. Simply place a thin layer of vegetable oil on the blade once the blades are sharpened. This will assist avoid rust and corrosion without leaving on your grass any damaging residue.


A reel mower is an excellent option for many homeowners, incredibly simple to use and inexpensive. If you’re searching for a more affordable, healthier, low-maintenance alternative to gas or electric mowers, it’s one of the greatest investments you can make. For anyone with a tiny or medium yard, reel mowers are perfect. Pushing one of these manual mowers on yards up to 3,000 square feet won’t be too tiring and you’ll be able to complete the job in no time as long as you keep the blades sharp.

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