Best Oscillating Tool: Reviews and Buying Guide


What’s the best oscillating tool? If you’re wondering, it’s likely because you’ve come to know what an incredible power tool these compact powerhouses really are. One of the most versatile instruments you’ll ever find is an oscillating multi-tool. These compact instruments are ideal for a broad variety of home projects, capable of sanding, pounding, creating smooth flush cuts, chipping off grout, scraping adhesives and painting, and making plunge cuts.

With a small front-end profile and blades extending past the product’s edge, it can easily reach tight spots other tools just can’t. An oscillation unit is one of the biggest, most efficient instruments you’ll ever add to your workshop, whether you’re an experienced woodworker or a novice DIYer.

Best Oscillating Tool – Reviewed

But with so many models out there, it may be very complicated to determine which instrument is correct for you. We did the research, luckily, so you don’t have to. We looked at all the available designs, comparing characteristics, energy, efficiency, and versatility, and created our list of 5 best oscillating tools.

1. Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool

One of the most strong, versatile instruments in its class is the Rockwell Duotech Oscillating Sonicrafter F80 Multi-Tool. It is the first of its kind energy instrument to give two distinct angles—5 and 3.4 degrees— allowing you to choose between quick and aggressive or slow and accurate cutting action, making it the ideal tool for any project. With 4.2 amps of energy available and two angles. This corded oscillating instrument can handle any project, including cross-cutting, plunge cutting, tearing, trimming door jambs or PVC, cutting metal pipe, removing ancient paint, grinding grout, or sanding any surface of the job.

With an industry-best 35 lbs maximum cutting load, this powerful tool won’t stall on you and can be driven beyond any other model on the market today. And the F80 can achieve speeds ranging from 10,000 to 19,000 oscillations per minute with variable speed dial. This outstanding 3.3 lb oscillating tool is intended with a tool-free Hyperlock blade shift scheme that provides 1 ton of clamping power for added durability.

And the Universal Fit System of the Sonicrafter enables you to use any blade, even those produced by other producers, making sure the amount of customers you will find for this instrument is unlimited.

Why We Like It

  • Change System Blade-Free Tool.
  • Powerful 4.2 amp engine and 35 lbs cutting load.
  • Offers from 10,000 to 19,000 OPM variable velocity dial.
  • Universal Fit System allows other companies to accept blades.
  • Offers 2 oscillating angles, 3.4 degrees for smooth, accurate cutting and 5 degrees for the quick, aggressive cutting action.

2. PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Tool Kit

PORTER-CABLE has been creating high-quality power tools and accessories for over 100 years. There is no exception to the PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Tool. There is a reason why this model is one of the most famous instruments in its class with outstanding efficiency, versatility, and strong construction. This 7.8 lb corded oscillating instrument is ideal for countless apps with an impressive 3 amp engine and variable speed dial capable of providing between 10,000 and 20,000 OPM.

Whether your next project includes cutting, sanding, scraping, or grinding, the PCE605K52 provides sufficient energy and control to address any request in a broad range of products. This easy-to-use tool comes with a power cord of 10 ft, meaning you won’t have to mess up with extension cords in most instances. And with an excellent tool-free change scheme, it’s quicker and easier than ever to swap accessories for your tool.

You can easily control the depth of the cuts of the tool with a removable depth guide and, if you don’t need it, it can be removed in seconds. The PCE605K52 Oscillating Tool is easy to run and comes with a3-position over-mold grip that enables the user to hold the instrument in the front, middle or back, providing greater stability and accuracy.

Why We Like It

  • Powerful 3-amp engine.
  • 10 ft energy cord without an extension cord for a better range.
  • Changing system tool-free enables you to swap accessories in seconds.
  • Comes with 52 accessories including different blades, sandpaper, and scrapers.

3. Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

It is only natural to question how well it works when you see an oscillating device with a price tag of around $40. Don’t let the affordable price mislead you, the Genesis GMT15A is an amazing multi-purpose oscillating tool that can handle an almost unlimited number of applications, including fine sanding, removal of grout or caulk, scraping away old paint or vinyl flooring, trimming cabinets, and near-quarter sawing.

This versatile corded power tool provides 1.5 amps of energy capable of up to 21,000 OPM, at the same time as most of its more costly rivals. With regard to durability, the GMT15A was constructed with a robust die-cast aluminum gear housing that enables this tool to resist heavy use of the home project. A 4-pin flange system guarantees that accessories are maintained strongly in location, offering added stability and accurate operation.

Why We Like It

  • The 1.5 amp engine.
  • Can accommodate up to OPM 21,000.
  • One of the market’s most economical alternatives.
  • Aluminum die-cast gearbox for enhanced durability.

4. Rockwell RK5132K Sonicrafter F30 Oscillating Multi-Tool

With the RK5132 K Sonicrafter F30 Multi-Tool, Rockwell is again making our list of the 10 best oscillating tools of 2019. The inexpensive F30 is one of the best choices in its class, known for producing durable, versatile handheld energy instruments that deliver outstanding efficiency and power. The F30 provides 4 degrees of oscillation, backed by a 3.5 amp engine, and is capable of cutting 3x quicker than its rivals through components.

And this oscillating instrument allows you to adjust the working velocity for ideal outcomes with a variable speed control function. The F30 is a highly versatile instrument for soft sanding, slicing and trimming, removal of adhesive and paint, removal of grout and numerous other applications. This easy-to-use oscillating instrument is extremely durable.

Its design features counterweight Vibra free technology that eliminates unnecessary vibrations for smoother results of the instrument. In addition, its tool-free clamping system Hyperlock makes it simple to swap blades while providing 1 ton of clamping power to ensure stability during use. And the RK5132 K Oscillating Tool is compatible with any blade, sander, or other accessories on the market with the Universal fit system.

Why We Like It

  • Powerful engine with 3.5 amps.
  • Control of variable velocity from 11,000 to 20,000 OPM.
  • Cutting angle of 4 degrees for quicker, smoother results.
  • Tool-less system for changing blades.
  • Any brand’s ability to accept accessories makes it extremely versatile.

5. DEWALT DWE315K Corded Oscillating Tool Kit

DEWALT has constructed a reputation for providing strong, durable energy instruments capable of withstanding years of use. No exception to this rule is the DWE315 K Multi Material Corded Oscillating Tool. It is one of the most common choices in its class with a robust structure, outstanding strength, and helpful characteristics. This corded oscillating instrument offers impressive efficiency with a strong 3 amp engine and is ideal for a broad range of tasks such as scraping, sanding, cutting and trimming.

The DWE315 K, built with a Dual-Grip variable velocity trigger, offers enhanced control while enabling you to readily adjust the efficiency of the tool for optimum velocity in any implementation. An integrated LED light enables precise cuts to be made in any light condition. And you can exchange the handles and attachments of the tool rapidly without the use of a wrench with the Quick Change accessory scheme.

At 3.1 lbs, it is light enough for extended use, but it is sufficiently durable to beat. And thanks to the DEWALT Oscillating Tool Guide System, you can set your cutting depth or height to ensure perfectly straight lines and consistency.

Why We Like It

  • 3 Amp engine that can handle any request.
  • LED light for precise dim light cuts.
  • Tool-free system for changing accessories.
  • Tool Guide System enables you to set your cut height and depth for consistent outcomes.

What to Consider Before Choose the Best Oscillating Tool

Once you have chosen to purchase an oscillating device, you need to make some critical choices about energy, efficiency, versatility, control, durability, and price. Cordless and corded oscillating instruments are prevalent to these variables. Later, I will clarify cordless tool-specific variables. But let’s look first at the prevalent variables.


Power is working ability. For example, if you cut wood, strength will determine the highest wood thickness you can cut. Power is a feature of its amperage for corded devices. Amperage is the current from the hands of the machinery. A 3 A machine is generally good enough to perform most of the fundamental functions that a multi-tool can perform.


The efficiency with which the machine converts energy to outcomes is related to performance. You can have two machines drawing the same energy but producing distinct outcomes.
Versatility: The number of tasks the machine can execute is determined by versatility. This depends on the product’s accessories you get. If the selection of accessories is not sufficiently broad, check that the item comes with adapters that allow you to use other brands ‘ accessories.


On a multi-tool, there are two things you can control. First, the rate at which the instrument oscillates can be controlled. Second, you can regulate the angle related to the oscillating instrument at which the accessory rests. More liberty means more control in these matters.


Durability is difficult to measure for those shopping online. But from two factors, you can get an indirect feeling for the build-quality of the products. First, the longer the guarantee, the better the quality of the construction. If a business provides a 3-year warranty on a product of low quality, it will be plagued by claims for warranty. So, it won’t give a lengthy warranty unless the business is confident about its product. Second, take a look at the product reviews. If the real item looks and feels distinct from the site picture, it will almost definitely be pointed out by somebody.


The last factor you should consider should be money. It’s a popular error individual make to fix a budget arbitrarily without understanding what’s on the market. You can decide on a budget after evaluating products based on the above parameters and make reasonable compromises if necessary.

What factors should I consider if I am buying a cordless oscillating tool?

When selecting a cordless oscillating device, the most significant factor is the battery. But it’s difficult to comprehend battery scores. So, let me take a moment to clarify the rating of batteries. Ampere-hour (Ah) and voltage (V) are the two most common battery ratings advertised by producers. Using an instance, let’s get to the bottom of these scores.

Ampere-hour (Ah)

Consider two same voltage batteries. But the first is a battery of 2 Ah and the second is a battery of 4 Ah. This essentially implies that the second battery will last twice as much for the same workload as the first one.

Voltage (V)

Consider now two Ah-like batteries. But the first is a battery of 10 V and the second is a battery of 20 V. This basically implies that the second is twice as strong as the second, even though both attract the same current.

That’s all it’s got. Power is determined by voltage and battery life is determined by ampere-hour. Now that you understand how to interpret the scores of a battery, you can easily choose one. Watch out for the weight, charging time and compatibility of the battery as well.


How Does an Oscillating Tool Work?

From their side-to-side motion, these instruments get their name. The movement is slight, generally between 3 and 5 degrees, and extremely quick, with up to 20,000 strokes per minute being offered by most models. The movement is so quick when operated that it feels more like a vibration than a sawing motion.

They can be used in different apps and can accept a range of attachments, hence the nickname “multi-tool.” Thanks to a locking system, the accessory of your choice are fitted in the item. Most models now give fast, tool-free processes to replace accessories with minimal trouble quickly.

Once locked in, the fast back-and-forth oscillation motion generates the friction needed for sanding, cutting, and grinding apps (click here for our belt sanding evaluation).

Are Oscillating Tool Blades Interchangeable?

There is a reason why some individuals call the hand-held power tools oscillation machine the Swiss Army Knife. These versatile instruments are one of the best choices available to tackle multiple projects and apps with an assortment of optional blades, scrapers and other attachments.

While numerous blades and accessories are accessible, the thing to keep in mind is the capacity of your specific tool to accept all of these alternatives. These instruments are intended with arbors to lock the accessory in position and execute the performance oscillation motion required.

Some producers use a distinctive arbor of their own. This implies that while there will be a broad range of attachments to choose from, they will only be consistent with that particular brand-made accessory.

Other brands such as Rockwell, Craftsman, and Dremel give some models that are built with universal arbors that can accept nearly any attachment on the market. The excellent news is that every company provides a broad range of instruments to increase versatility, whether you have an OMT with proprietary or universal arbor.

Each company provides cutting blades for wood and metal, sanding pads, sandpaper, rasping, scraping, grouting and polishing accessories that open your item to unlimited use.

Can an Oscillating Tool Cut Metal?

Oscillation instruments operate by vibrating so fast back and forth that the movement may not be tracked by your eyes. They enable you to fine-tune the output with variable velocity dials so you can select a quicker pace for thin sheets of metal or a slower movement for dense copper pipes.

To attain optimum efficiency, you merely need to buy a suitable blade intended for the assignment you are about to take on. A metal cutting carbide-tipped blade is the top blade for cutting metal.

These blades are now much more inexpensive than they used to be and are intended to resist the heat and pressure engaged in metal cutting. The carbide-tipped blade, capable of lasting much longer than traditional stainless steel blades, is the preferred choice for metalwork and will create rapid cuts in any application for metal cutting.

What is an Oscillating Tool Used For?

One of the most helpful energy instruments out there is an oscillation tool. These vibrant instruments are able to take on a broad range of apps and materials thanks to countless interchangeable accessories. Here are just a few ways it is possible to use these versatile devices.

Sanding Wood

One of the multi-tools most popular uses is sander. These instruments can use sandpaper or sanding pads to smooth wood, finishes, and fillers perfectly. Plus, you can even tackle edges and narrow spaces with pads that come in a multitude of dimensions.

Trimming Door Casings

Usually, when you’re about to install a fresh floor, you’re going to have to cut the bottom of your door housings and door jambs to fit the ground. Simply lay a piece of new floor upside down next to the casing and attach a flush-cutting blade to your OMT (so you don’t harm its face). Then just cut the casing through and remove it. Your fresh ground now fits completely under the casing and jamb. If you’re looking to do some job on your door frame, you’re going to need an excellent framing nailer like the finishing nailers here.

Removing paint or adhesives

Multi-tools makes it much simpler to remove old, crack paint or adhesives than with a manual scraper. Just attach a blade of scraper to the arbor of the tool and let the engine do all the hard work.

Removing Grout

Manufacturers give unique carbide-grit grout blades which, when it comes to grinding out ancient grout, can outperform almost any tool there. These blades rapidly and easily remove stubborn grout from between floor and wall tiles with their rapidly swinging movements.

Cutting into Drywall

If you install a fresh electrical box in your walls or just need to open, an OMT is ideal for getting prepared for drywall. Just add a blade of metal or wood carving and draw a dip directly into the drywall. By decreasing dust and minimizing fatigue, you can readily create rectangular cuts that are ideal for electrical boxes.

Removing Old Caulking

If you are undertaking a kitchen or bath project and need to remove ancient caulk, remove the manual scraper and add a scrap metal blade to your OMT. The blade’s movement will remove the most rigid caulk in seconds rapidly and cleanly, making it one of the top choices for such a project.

Making Flush Pipe Cuts

Do some plumbing job in a cabinet or a sink? These are ideal instruments. They can get into tight spots with a compact design and the ability to cut at an angle that many other tools simply can not. And you can readily cut through different pipe products including copper, galvanized metal, and plastic with the correct metal cutting blade.


Since their first release in the early 1980s, oscillating instruments have evolved a lot. Today, as a secure, flexible and strong instrument, the product has matured. There are a lot of products at distinct price ranges due to the advances. It can be hard to choose one. But you can achieve the job with less effort and less time with the correct data. We hope we made choosing the correct oscillating device for you easier!

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