Best Dash Camera for Car [2019] Buying Guide


When driving, we may be exposed to an accident and we won’t even be responsible for it in many cases. Having passed through some rather uncomfortable experiences, I began searching for alternatives with which I could leave a record of my journeys and that’s when I discovered the Best Dash Camera for Car, with it I could have access to pictures and videos of my journeys, it offers a lot of safety and is highly discreet.

The dash cam began being a success in countries like Russia, where car accidents are always the order of the day and, over time, began to migrate to other areas, we have a market full of options between to choose from.

These cameras not only an item that you place in the car for leisure or fun, but they also fulfill many safety functions and can be used as means of proof in the case of an accident, they are extremely useful for car insurance and will provide you with great tranquility when traveling in your car.

Review of the Best Dash Camera for Car

1. Z-Edge Z3 Upgraded Version Dash Cam

With the latest A12 Ambarella chipset and CMOS image sensor, this best dash camera records Ultra HD 2.5 K video. Market leading in reliability and image quality in all light conditions. Avoids precious, unnecessary features such as GPS and WiFi. Never miss a Wide Quad HD (WQHD) 2560x1440P license plate with a viewing angle of 155 degrees at 30 frames per second. Capture more detail with optimized field-of-view at a distance for minimal distortion of the fisheye picture. It features a 3.0 “screen display.

Enable high dynamic range (HDR) when driving at night for superior low light compensation. Just like your eye, it reacts to intense light conditions, balancing exposure and light / dark places. Six glass lenses decrease glare and provide superior quality of the video. Essential to capture coherent details of images across a variety of light conditions. Automatically records the ignition of the car.

The ignition switches off automatically. Energy saving off the timer LCD screen. Loop recording function to manage storage efficiently. Manual and automatic protection against deletion of video. Audio recording with one-button on / off. The built-in G-sensor / accelerometer causes the detection of movement/crash vibration. Parking watchdog mode for monitoring your car 24/7.

32 GB SD memory card in each pack. Support for up to 128 GB card (most other models can only support up to 64 GB card). Solid suction mount with screw-in mount, fully adjustable for best viewing and quickly removable. An extra long 13-foot USB cable for easy routing within the interior of your vehicle. Dual adapter for the USB port. 30 days money back guarantee and 18 months warranty.

2. Garmin Dash Cam 55, 1440p 2.0″ LCD Screen

Dash Cam 55 is a 2.0 “LCD high-definition, easy-to-use driving recorder. It captures the entire highway with a wide-angle lens and contains GPS for comprehensive moment and place information, identifying precisely where and when incidents occurred. Dash Cam 55 has built-in Wi-Fi to enable you to wirelessly sync videos to your compatible smartphone after downloading the free VIRB app.

This makes it simple for people, insurance companies or legal officials to share videos. Dash Cam 55 features automatic incident detection (G-Sensor), so when an incident is identified, your camera understands how to save present, last and next recordings, thus maintaining a full record of the case. The Lane Departure Warnings alert you if you go off your lane.

If you drive too close to the car ahead, the Forward Collision Warning alerts you. Command dash cam with your voice and hold your hands onto the wheel. Say’ OK, Garmin ‘ to save video, take pictures, start/stop audio recording and start/stop Travelapse feature.

3. Z-Edge S4 Dual Dash Cam

Best-in-class dual-lens dash camera with front and rear simultaneous Full HD recording. Amazing 4.0-inch IPS display screen with PiP display. Sticks for ideal field-of-view and super simple installation straight to your windshield. Tilt up and down completely adjustable. Quick mount camera front. Never miss a Full HD 1920x1080P license plate at 30FPS. The ultra-wide front and back viewing angle of 150 degrees captures more of the highway around you.

Built-in 600mAh battery allows 30mins without energy input to be recorded. Record in amazing Wide Quad HD 2560x1440P with disconnected rear camera at 30FPS. It requires 12-megapixel pictures. Highly delicate SONY image sensor ensures superior low back and front light compensation. Wide dynamic range (WDR) technology offsets exposure to light / dark spots and balances. Six glass lenses decrease glare while driving at night and offer superior video quality.

Automatically records the ignition of the car. The ignition switches off automatically. Energy saving off the timer LCD screen. Loop recording function to manage storage efficiently. Manual and automatic protection against deletion of video. The G-sensor / accelerometer built-in causes the recording of crash vibration. One audio recording button on / off. Parking watchdog mode for monitoring your car 24/7.

32 GB Kingston SD memory card in every pack. Supports up to 128 GB of TF / micro SD cards. The 19.6-feet USB cable in the interior of your vehicle for simple routing. Set setup and forget it. In extreme warm and cold circumstances, reliable performance. Included dual USB car adapter port. Back guarantee of 30 days cash and 18 months warranty.

4. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Infrared Night Vision Dual

Best dash cam to record Toolsever’s picked car interior. Based on powerful Novatek NT96660 CPU, advanced Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor (inside car camera) and OV4689 (front car camera) sensor, front and inside camera capture simultaneously front (170 °) and inside passenger cabin (140 °) in crystal detail at 1920x1080P 30fps double. Or use the front cam just to capture license plates at 2560x1440P@30fps or 1920x1080P@60fps.

The Sony IMX323 sensor, 4 IR LED lights and f/2.0 aperture are used by the interior facing camera, which can manage low light circumstances and ensure flawless video footage even when the car is dark. F/1.86-glass front cam lens and distinctive HDR video system balance the video’s light and dark regions automatically. 24 Hours Motion enabled parking mode will automatically record the dual car camera when it detects movement in front of your vehicle.

Start and record automatically when the ignition sparks. Auto LCD OFF timer ensures that another glowing rectangle on your windshield will not disturb you. Ideal for most climatic conditions:-4 ° to 158 ° F (-20 ° to 70 ° C). An excellent recording of audio with an integrated microphone. The time-lapse feature requires pictures at defined intervals automatically.

Seamless Loop Recording by filling a card to capability overwrites the earliest footage with the newest. G-sensor auto variable sensitivity detects sudden shake/collision and emergency locks the footage to “Event File” to avoid the video from being overwritten. Supports up to 256 GB of microSD cards, Samsung Evo card is recommended. Optional GPS for tracking the driving path, place, and speed(GPS feature).

5. WheelWitness Dash Cam HD PRO Plus

The HD PRO Plus Dash Cam from WheelWitness is super simple to install. Simply insert the SD card, mount the suction cup and connect the power. The camera with your vehicle will power ON / OFF automatically! The only dash camera that offers On-The-Fly-Zoom feature that allows you to zoom (4X) while still recording. This feature makes zooming into a license plate really simple and helps safeguard yourself!

Fully compatible with Apple iPhone (iOS) & Android Smartphones, the HD PRO Plus Dashboard Camera allows you to control the camera from your smartphone. As well as transferring the files instantly so that you can share online or have video proof on your phone. Of course, you can also insert the microSD directly into your computer and transfer the files in that way.

The Sony Exmor IMX322 CMOS sensor combined with a true 6-Glass accuracy lens enables the HD PRO Plus Dash Cam to record crystal clear in both day and night time. Full High Definition Recording & Vision Performance Exceptional Night-Time. The HD PRO Plus enables you to lock any file automatically or manually as quickly as it occurs. The G-Sensor will automatically detect an abrupt incident and lock the file.

What is a Dash Camera?

Surely you have read or heard this name more than once, especially if you are a fan of cars, these teams are cameras installed inside, either in the front or in the back, depending on your needs.

Its main function is to record everything that happens during a car trip, leaving the evidence in the case of accidents, robberies or any other situation in which you need evidence to prove something.

How do Dash Cams Work?

A dash cam fulfills a fairly basic function, which is to record, this is achieved through its lenses that, depending on the model, will give you a greater or lesser quality of the video.

The dash cams are connected to the car’s current, many of them do it through the vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system or they can have rechargeable batteries that you must charge before using your cameras.

These make use of an internal memory, which can be extended with an external one, to store all the information in videos that they collect during your trips.

Alternatives to dash cams

The dash cams are equipment specially designed to record discreetly and not take up too much space inside your car, you will find other alternatives such as cameras that will do the work, but they will not have the same functions as a dash cam.

Types of dash cameras

When you start looking for a dash cam to install in your car, you will realize that there are different models or categories to choose from, so it is convenient to know each of these to be able to find the option that best suits your needs.

From equipment with a greater number of functions to cameras of super compact size, you will find in this list the types of dash cams among which you can choose:

Dash cams with advanced functions:

Let’s say you want to invest in a team that not only has the basic functions that any model must have but also, you want certain additional functions that are extremely useful in your car trips.

If this is your case, a cam dash with advanced features will be your best choice, because they have features like GPS, recording sound, recording speed and even off automatically, so you will be sure that the team will not continue on to turn off the car.

Dual cameras:

A double camera will be extremely useful since you will have the option of locating one of them inside the car and another that is responsible for recording what happens outside it.

This type of dash cam is very convenient and recommended in the case that you are teaching someone to drive at home, as it will allow you to follow your routes in the car, inside and outside of it. They are also ideal for leaving accident records.

The best type of dash cam:

It is important that, when choosing a dash cam, not only use as a criterion to follow your budget, which, although it is something that you have to take into account, the ideal is that you look at features that you find useful and that are suitable for your needs and the different areas where you frequent with your car. A dash cam may be the best, but if it can not adapt to what you need, its functions will end up bypassing it.

Traditional cams Dash:

In this category, you will find a large number of models of cameras, since those created to be used especially in vehicles, be it from a car to a large truck.

These are located on the dashboard, rear-view mirror or in the rear of the car and its basic function is to record, may or may not have other integrated functions, everything will depend on the model to choose.

Dash cams in the rearview mirror:

A very useful and discreet dash cam model, are those that you can locate in the rearview mirror of the car since its size is very compact and will not result in an obstacle that hinders your vision of the road.

Digital cameras:

An economical alternative to the dash cams is to have a digital camera that is responsible for recording what happens inside the car. This is not always the most effective option since you will not have different functions that have the cameras designed especially for use in vehicles, but, they will fulfill the job of recording.

Mobile phones:

Have a mobile or smartphone at hand, is to have a host of downloadable applications that you can use in your day to day and, among them, are the applications of dash cams, with which you can use your phone as these famous cameras for record inside the car.

Notifications from the camera:

The notifications of the dash cam are the different messages that indicate that the equipment is working and when there is a problem with it.

Depending on the type of dash cam that you choose, they can have notifications with more visible messages than others, the usual thing is that the models of higher quality, have messages that are easy to read and with voice commands so as not to divert your attention from the route.

Video quality:

Video quality is an important factor in any type of dash cam, this can vary depending on the resolution of your lens and the quality in which you record the equipment since you will find models that record in the most basic resolutions, like other that will give you videos in 4k.

Lithium-ion batteries and capacitors:

Most dash cam models have lithium-ion batteries, this is due to the fact that they are much cheaper than others, but, they have the disadvantage of being affected by high temperatures, causing them to end up damaged.

That is why you can also find dash cam with a mini capacitor, where these are much more resistant to weather, even at high temperatures, but the battery will last much less than with a lithium ion.

Lens and video equipment:

When choosing a type of dash cam, it is important that you look at your lens, since the best quality, will always be made of glass, so you should stay away from those made of plastic.

On the other hand, the lenses have a level or size of opening, which allows that, between greater or lesser amount of light, this is indicated with the letter f and a number, where, a smaller number, will indicate that there is a greater entrance of light and therefore greater clarity in the image.

Discrete cameras:

A constant concern of many users and buyers of dash cams is that they can attract the attention of thieves who end up damaging their car to steal them and, to avoid this, it is best to go for a model that is discreet in size and does not It is striking from the outside.


In almost all types of dash cams, you will find that its installation is quite simple, in fact, you will not need an expert to install a dash cam since you can do it on your own.

These can be installed through hooks or a suction system that you place on your front or rear glass and, if it is cameras for the rear-view mirror, its installation is also very easy.

Remote camera:

The dash cams can be accompanied by remote cameras that are installed in the back of the car and will help you provide more evidence in the case of accidents, especially when you need different viewing angles.

What to Consider Before Buy The Best Dash Camera for Car

Like any other electronic equipment, the dash cams have a series of technical specifications and features that you can take into account before making your choice, so you can be sure to choose the Best Dash Camera for Car.

Among the basic and fundamental factors that you should consider for your dash cam are:

Video resolution:

The resolution of the video means the quality that you will have in the image captured by the team, which is necessary enough to be able to view details, such as license plates of a car, names of streets and avenues, so you must choose a dash cam that has a minimum of 720p, that is, that record in HD.

Storage capacity:

Record in HD can mean a lot of megabytes or even gigabytes of information, so it is necessary that your dash cam has an internal storage of at least 60GB and that, in addition, it can be expanded through external memory cards such as SD cards or miniSD

Night vision:

Accidents can occur at any time of day, not only in sunlight, so it is convenient and advisable that the dash cam has a night function that records clearly at night and that everything can be seen in detail, regardless of the lack of light.

Automatic on and off:

It is extremely useful that the equipment is turned on with the car and that it also has an automatic shutdown, this will ensure that you do not continue recording once you have turned off your vehicles and start recording without the need to press a button.

Size of the cam dash:

Another reason why it is necessary to consider the size of the dash cam is that one that is too large, when installed on the front or rear of the car, can hinder and hamper your vision, so it is necessary that these have a compact size.

Loop recording:

The function of being able to record in the loop will assure you that material in the video that has already been recorded by the team, is not rewritten by new material, instead, it will begin to record without affecting past videos.

Impact sensor:

An impact sensor is extremely useful, especially in cases where your car is parked, because, feeling that a crash or accident has occurred, the dash cam will start recording automatically, without having to start the engine or press a button


A dash cam that has a GPS will be able to give you the exact location where the events that the team has recorded occurred, in case it is difficult to verify it because the image is blurred or you have no idea of the place where you have happened.

Front and rear camera:

Imagine that your car has been impacted in its rear bumper, a dash cam in the front can capture a video that, while it will be useful, will not have the whole situation recorded, therefore, it is convenient that you choose between models that have cameras rear and in this way have each angle of your vehicles monitored.

Assembly included:

One way to get rid of concern when choosing the Best Dash Camera for Car is to make sure that it has its mounting system included, so you will not have to pay for one and you can install the equipment immediately.

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