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Do you ever go on holiday, spot a great bike track and/or beautiful terrain and wish you could’ve brought your bike with you to allow yourself to further exploit it all? Well, a bicycle travel case might be the solution to your needs. Whether you would like to go biking while on holiday, or you are a professional who needs to get your bike from point A to point B, the products on this list will make it as painless as possible. They are also of both ranging prices and perks giving you the option of selecting what works best for you. With these specially designed bags you can bring your bike along with you no matter where you are going, as most are perfectly suitable for all forms of transport. Here we have taken the time to find the best of the best bike travel cases and bags taking into considering their special perks and features to meet all your needs.

The Best Bike Travel Case


Weanas Bike Travel Case

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The Weanas Bicycle Travel Case is the bag every traveler that does not want to leave their bike behind needs. It is spacious enough to accommodate large bikes including wheels which can sit comfortably in the large inner pockets of the bag. The extra interior pockets can also be used to store more of your equipment like bike phone mounts so that nothing gets left behind. For durability, the bag is made of waterproof shiny silk nylon material and equipped with SBS zippers that are strong and long-lasting. An added perk is its foldability of the bag when not in use.

Whether you intend to travel by car or train (this bag is not recommended for air travel), the Weanas Bicycle bag is perfectly suitable to transport your bike at an affordable price. It comes only in the color black and the package includes two 1 extra wheel bag.

Key Features:

Enough space to fit road/mountain bikes with 29 inch tires

Waterproof nylon material

Large inner pockets for extra storage

Strap loops to firmly bind the bag


  • BrandWeanas
  • Weight1.06 pounds


Trico Iron Case – Bike Travel Case

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When going through a checklist of everything a bike travel case should contain, you will be pleased to know that this case checks out almost all the boxes and goes above and beyond in doing its job to protect your bike while you travel. It is made of Polycarbonate Triconium shells for ultimate protection and durability, equipped with 4 wheels and a pull strap for ultimate mobility and a locking system for ultimate protection. 

The Trico Iron Case is 47 inches in size and will fit most bikes and 31 pounds in weight. It comes with three layers of foam that will fit around your precious cargo to keep it safe from accidental damage while transporting. With this bike box, dismantling your bicycle does not have to be a hassle as if you can keep most of its parts intact, with the need to only take apart wheels, pedals and bike seat post. In case you are worried about storage, this case will not only fit your bike and wheels but also makes room for aero bars, tools and your mountain bike helmet.

Key Features:

Hard shell casing

Equipped with interior foam

Equipped with 4 wheels, handles and locks

47 inches and weighs 31 pounds


  • BrandTrico
  • Model9904990
  • Weight31 pounds


Sci Con AEROCOMFORT 3.0 TSA Bike Travel Case

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This next genius design is packed with several little perks that contribute to making an overall user-friendly bike travel bag. The Sci Con Aerocomfort travel bag is made of 840D nylon material and is equipped with a padded, soft outer shell for the ultimate protection for your bike while it is being transported. It is designed so that your bike does not have to be completely taken apart when it is being packed up, even the handlebars can remain attached. It comes with added belts and straps on the inside to ensure that the bike and its parts are held in place during a bumpy journey.

Added benefits of this particular product include; 4 ball-bearing wheels that rotate 360 allowing for smoother and better mobility. As well as a Travel Sentry Padlock system for extra security and is all in all only 8kg in weight, which makes it usually light enough to transport through most airlines. The Sci Con Aerocomfort travel bag will carry one bike whether it be a road or mountain bike and is also equipped with a short handle so that it can be conveniently dragged along by its owner.

Key Features:

Made of 840D nylon

Padded soft outer shell

4 wheels that rotate 360

Comes equipped with specialized lock


  • BrandSci Con
  • ModelSciCon
  • Weight26.5 pounds

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The Evoc Bike Travel Bag is a customer favorite as it has been manufactured to make transporting your bike while traveling as easy, safe and convenient as possible. The bag is designed to be sturdy and rigid under pressure, which will ensure the safe transport of your bike even by air. The padding on the inside will keep fragile parts of the bike protected while the aluminum handles and wheels are specially made with the user’s comfort in mind.

This bag is big enough that when storing your bike you will only need to take apart the handlebars, pedals and wheels, making for easier and faster assembling and dismantling. A belt system is placed inside the back in order to ensure that the different parts of the bike stay in place. Though it is more on the pricey side, this work of art is definitely worth it when all its features are considered. With this product you have the option of purchasing it in a range of prices, depending on your needs, it also comes in several stylish colors. For more amazing gear for your bike, check out our guide to the best bike cleaning spray.

Key Features:

Aluminum side rails and front handle

Clip on Swivel wheels

Inner belt system and padding

Can be used for air, plane, rail or road travel


  • BrandEvoc
  • ModelEvoc
  • Weight28 pounds


THULE RoundTrip Pro XT Bike Case

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The Thule Round Trip Pro XT Bike Case is designed to not only be a carrying case for your bike but also to support you in assembling and dismantling the bike when necessary with its specialized, integrated bike assembly stand. This unique product comes as a softshell with an aluminum click rail and high-quality nylon that covers the entire frame for extra protection, without having to take it apart completely while it is being transported.

What makes this product amongst the best, beyond the fact that it serves as both a bike repair stand and an assembly station, is that its size and weight have still been taking into consideration for ultimate portability. Despite the fact that it will hold bikes with wheelbases as big as 45 inches, it still remains fairly compact and weighs a total of 19 pounds. The integrated wheels and handles of the bag contribute to its portability. Finally when purchasing this product keep in mind that it only comes in black and in one size, as other models designed by this company differ in price.

Key Features:

Doubles as both a carrying case and a bike stand

Nylon covers for soft shell and aluminum click rails

49.5 x 11.8 x 35” in size and 19 pounds in weight

Integrated wheels and handles


  • BrandThule
  • Model100505
  • Weight23.1 pounds


B&W International Bike Case

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As Amazon’s number 1 best seller for bike travel cases, this B&W International Bike Case had to make our list. With this product, your bike will be contained in a hardshell case that makes it incredibly tough and durable, protecting your bike from the chances of external damage and abrasions. This case will carry mountain bikes, road bikes and triathlon bikes with wheels of up to 29 inches. To make it as easy as possible for the customer to lug around, this case comes with two different handles to pull on with 4 wheels to make moving it easy, and two handles to carry the case with.

The B&W International Bike Case comes with integrated straps to hold the bike in place as well as two extra wheel bags, and sliding latches on the case that are lockable. Ultimately keeping your bike, compact and safe no matter how it is to be transported. You may also like some of the best bike mirrors from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Key Features:

Durable hard case

Equipped with four handles and four wheels

Interlocking system

Will contain, road, mountain and triathlon bikes with 29 inch wheels


  • BrandB&W International
  • Model96015
  • Weight24 pounds


PRO Shimano Bike Travel Case Mega

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The PRO Shimano Bike Travel Case Mega will provide you with all the basic necessities you will need to move your bike from point A to point B. This bike travel case comes in a blue/black color and will transport any average-sized bike with its wheels and comes equipped with extra pockets that will serve as extra storage. It is made with an alloy frame with resin brackets, keeping it durable and strong enough to protect your bike from accidental damages.

With the ultimate protection of your bike in mind, not only is the case frame sturdy, it also contains a thick foam lining and foam blocks within the interior. The best thing about this case is that it is incredibly lightweight, weighing a total of only 8kg. As one of the more affordable options on this list, this bike case does not disappoint. Our guide to the best bike speedometers features more awesome products for cyclists.

Key Features:

Fits one whole bike with extra pockets for storage

Comes equipped with foam inner lining

Strong and durable alloy frame 

Fits all standard bikes


  • BrandPRO
  • ModelPRO
  • Weight22.3 pounds


Topnaca MTB Soft Mountain Road Bikes Travel Case Transport Bag

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Another considerably more affordable option for a bike travel case, the Topnaca MTB bike travel case is a simple yet effective option for transporting your bike. It is made of durable 420D shiny silk nylon material which is waterproof and will carry an averagely sized bike. For added convenience, this bicycle bag folds up quite nicely which makes it easy to store and even easier to carry with you on your bike for use later on, with added velcro straps and buckle straps for this exact purpose.

The Topnaca MTB transport bag weighs an amazing 5.6 pounds and is 47.63 x 7.87 x 33.46 in inches making it an extremely lightweight option. For added comfort while carrying, this bike bag comes equipped with padded shoulder straps. It is vital to note that this package only comes with a single wheel bag that fits one wheel, however, an offer for a 2 wheel bag set is provided for an added price. This bag is also mostly suitable for road, train or bus, it may not be best for air travel, due to lack of a hard shell. Don’t forget to also check out our reviews of the best bike lights for more must-have products for your bicycle.

Key Features:

420 black, Denver Nylon Material

Will fit bikes of 29 inches or less

Foldable bag for storage and portability

Equipped with forks cover


  • BrandTopnaca
  • Weight1 pounds


THULE Round Trip Transition Bike Travel Case

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Travel smart with your bike with the snazzy looking Thule Round Trip Transition Bike Travel Case, manufactured and sold with the best interest of the customer in mind. To begin with, this case doubles as both a travel case and a bike holder and work stand making it that much easier for the owner to dismantle for the purposes of transportation. This package also comes with additional nylon wheel bags, so that the wheels of your bike can be transported in their own protected casing.

This product comes from a company you can trust to meet all your needs when it comes to bike travel cases. Taking durability into consideration, this case is made with ABS construction and an aluminum click rail base, to keep your bike protected and in place when transporting. Part of the features that make this travel case the best of the best are its well crafted; wheels, handles and locks, all basic but essential necessities when considering safety and convenience while traveling. This bicycle case is available only in one size and one color (black) and weighs a total of 39 pounds while being 54 x 15.5 x 37 inches. A perfect gift for cyclists.

Key Features:

Hard, durable shell

Equipped with, clamps for locking, handle and wheels

Includes nylon bag for wheels

Doubles and bike holder and work stand


  • BrandThule
  • Model100502
  • Weight39 pounds


Hepburn’s EVA Bike Travel Case

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The Hepburn’s EVA bike travel case is manufactured and designed to help you fulfill all your biking plans while on holiday. Made from hard EVA material which is strong and sturdy enough to withstand high impact strength and protects your cargo from accidental damage which may be consequential to traveling. With this travel case both bike frame and wheels can be kept together, making for ease of transportation, but including a thick foam within the case for separation.

This case also comes bearing, 360 degrees spin wheels, a buckle to keep cargo safely inside, a thickening handle for owner to grab onto and a smooth zipper for easy access to contents. It’s clam shell shape makes the case even more convenient as it allows the user to open it up completely when stowing away or taking out the bicycle. This product is fairly lightweight, coming to you at 8kg’s and 47.2 x 10.6 x 34.6 inches in size, suitable to fit smaller sized road & mountain bikes. It is also available in both colors red and black. Any serious cyclist requires a high-quality bike pump, so be sure to check out our selection of the best ones on the market.

Key Features:

Hard casing: abrasion and tear resistant

Equipped 360 degrees spin wheels and a handlebar

Thick form separating wheels and frame of the bike

Best suited for smaller bikes


  • BrandCyclingDeal
  • Weight24.2 pounds

Bike Travel Case Buying Guide & FAQ

How We Choose Our Selection Of Bike Travel Cases

Brands  – Some brands are especially gifted in providing the perfect bike travel case, taking into consideration all the needs of the average biker. On this list we have brands like THULE who provide multiple versions of a travel case, all with improved/differing features creating more options for the buyer. We also have brands like Shimono who have been in the game for decades, and who put all these years of experience into creating the perfect casing for you. Ultimately, choosing a brand you can trust is the first step to a successful purchase and here we have provided you with several great ones.

Price  – The prices for travel cases are wide-ranging, however when all the features are taken into consideration it is easy to understand the pricing scheme. For instance, thicker and harder cases will cost more than simple nylon bags, due to factors like usage and durability. There are many different types of travel bags and cases and with this comes a very varied price range.

Reviews  – Most of these products have been heavily reviewed by customers and with these reviews come answers to questions you did not even know you had, as well as more detailed descriptions of the product. From the collective customer reviews, we have been able to choose products that are highly rated and majorly meet customer satisfaction.

Features To Look For In Bike Travel Cases

Size – A travel case will be absolutely useless if you cannot fit your bicycle in it. Therefore make sure when you are looking at products that they fit your size specifications.

Wheels – For ease of mobility consider buying cases that have wheels. Bikes are heavy and you will not want to carry them long distances on your shoulders. 360 degrees spin, and more than 2 wheels are added perks that go a long way in terms of added convenience.

Material – The material of the bag will determine both its durability and the options which will be available to you during travel. Simple nylon bags may not be suitable for air travel while hard cases will protect it from possible accidental damage.

Padding – Padding can be considered for added protection for your bike so that it does not get knocked around on hard edges when things get bumpy while it is being transported.

Handles  – Being able to drag your own case around is important. Strong and properly attached handles will go a long way to make traveling with your bike as easy as possible.

Locks  – For the more security conscious, there are many cases that provide locks to keep your cargo safe and secure. It may be worth the extra price to ensure you have worry-free travels even when your bike case is out of sight.

bike travel case

Bike Travel Case FAQ

Q: What is a bike travel case?

A: As the name implies, these are simply cases that make it possible to travel with your bike. They come in many forms but often include features to help you keep your bike and all its parts together, protected and in place while you travel. When you reach your destination you will only have to open up the case and reassemble your bike and just like that you can use it wherever you go.

These can be used by just about anyone, they are often easy to understand and many are designed so that you do not have to put too much effort in dismantling or reassembling your bike. Bike travel cases can be suitable for all forms of transport, whether by air, rail or road.

Q: Should I buy a hard or soft travel case?

A: This will ultimately depend on what exactly you need your case to do for you. Do you want to transport it by air or by road? And when you are not using the case, how much space do you have available for storage? Finally, how much are you willing to spend?

Often hard cases are on the more pricey side however they allow their owner more options as they can often be used even for air travel. They also tend to be better for the purposes of protection and convenience.

Soft travel cases are simple and usually for the sole purpose of being able to store a bike. They are much more affordable and will do the job of transporting your bike through most means, just fine, while they remain easy to store when not in use.

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